I Share18 of My Fave Unique Infant Photography Angles


I think we all can agree that families have run out of creative poses for their babies for birth announcement cards, invitations, at home growth progression photo shoots and for holiday cards. You got the propped up on a pillow, the slouched over a pillow, the barely sitting up straight on the couch. It’s time to get creative and find new ideas.

If you are thinking about photographing or having a professional photographer snap your baby for the Holidays or for a New Year’s card, I’ve curated some unique ideas, vantage points, shots and angles for you to consider. Ever since I co-founded a stock photography co-op that shares free images of multicultural people, I think my visual eye for awesome photography has sharpened!

These are more editorial and artistic in my opinion. I pulled them all down from Pixabay.


This baby napping vantage point works to show off your baby’s soft and/or curly hair. The blurred effect of the background with the light source at the right makes this dreamy and serene.


This photograph would take time, but instead of a traditional digital collage, print out actual photos from  your camera and arrange them on a orchid or other branched tree, then attach the photos and send people a photo of that tree. It brings the viewer into the room.



This photo isn’t necessarily unique as I’ve seen the above-ground photo looking down on baby in a lamb’s wool blanket while nestled in a moses basket before, but I like this one for the monochromatic effect of the blanket, carpet and letters all having the same color.


This superclose up of a baby all snuggled up under mom’s chin will warm the heart and make an excellent print and display photo.


Here is another example of positioning the object to one side, but it is combined with the super-close up and napping examples. Photography elements stacking, I call it.


This pose for baby is not uncommon, but I like the coordinated pillows, hat and elbow rest in this one. Also, the blurred background too makes this a dreamy photo.


I think you’d need some Photoshop skills to pull this one off, but nothing you cannot get someone on the $5 digital contracting site Fiverr.com


Create a hammock out of a crochet blanket, outfit your baby in a pair of infant denims and place him in the hammock when he falls asleep. Be careful not to wake him during the shoot.


Ready for my close up, Mr. Deville. Show off your baby’s soft buttery smooth skin, bright eyes and perfect smile with an ultra close up shot like this one.


Having the object, your baby, on one side of the photograph creates an editorial, Gap Ad quality to this photo. This also has ample natural light coming from the back.


Baby in a suitcase. What more can I say?


This would have to be done with a baby closer to toddler age and you’d need a rustic country bench and teddy bear but the pop of color in the little girl’s dress juxtaposed with the neutrals in this photo make it great to me!


If you have a happy smiley baby like this, you’re going to wrap her up in a chenille blanket and take tons of snaps until you get one like this one or close.


Who wouldn’t want a basket full of baby in a long candy cane striped sleeping cap? With the Christmas decorations in the background, this photo is a conversation piece for sure.


Want to bring your baby-friendly pet into the picture, then this close up of Mr. Bones with the new baby is adorable. I would add some blurring effect to baby’s bum to contrast with the sharp image of the dog. 


This sibling photo includes the caution and nearby security hand of mom too. Can you spot it? This photo is so cute and aerial shots are always stand outs.


Another super cute sibling photo. The rustic bench makes this a standout and baby brothers’s feet facing the camera too. This is super adorbs and will be widely shared!

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