‘Beauty and the Beast’ Star Audra McDonald Talks Balancing Motherhood and Stardom


It’s been said that the most calmest new moms are older moms and second time moms. Audra McDonald, who at 46 welcomed her surprise second child, daughter Sally James,  is both.

The Tony-Award winning star told PEOPLE magazine in a recent interview, “I’m calmer this time around, 16 year later…Or maybe it’s that I’m just tired because I’m older, but I don’t sweat the small stuff as much.”

Last October, the Beauty and the Beast star welcomed her second daughter with Broadway actor hubby Will Swenson, with help from her first child 16-year old daughter Zoe.

But it didn’t slow down the acclaimed actress who has also won Grammy‘s and an Emmy-Award in recent years for her music and performances. She posted a photo recently of her glam squad hooking her up while holding Sally.

Her older daughter has also been a big help.

“Zoe is such a fantastic big sister to Sally James,” McDonald says. “That’s just who she wants to hang out with. Every time Zoe walks into the room, Sally lights up. And that’s so important to me.”

She even got to see her baby sister being birthed.

“While I was giving birth to Sally James, Zoe wasn’t planning on being in the hospital room, but she got too curious so she came in,” McDonald told the magazine. “I was so worried about her being overwhelmed that literally, as I was pushing out Sally, I was looking over at Zoe saying, ‘Are you okay? Is there anything you need from me, are you okay?’ ”

“And Zoe kept saying, ‘Mom, would you just concentrate on having the baby!’ But I was literally trying to give birth and parent at the same time.”

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