The Celeb-Inspired Fall Boots You Need To Get Now!

Cute shoes are a must, and this fall is all about the stylish boot. Scrunched ankle boots or sexy knee high, being pregnant is no time to forget about stylish footwear.

Celebrities manage to look effortlessly stylish even while knocked up and certainly while rocking cut fall boots

However, when shopping for a new pair of boots think about what your feet really need during pregnancy.  Still, you don’t have to cut out style for function, altogether. Mix it up and be creative.

Think Style and function.

  • Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your feet. They will swell, they will hurt, they may even sweat a little more thanks to hormone changes. All of this means that you cannot grab just any boot off the shelf. There are some important things you have to look for first.
  • Look for stretchability. If your feet have not start swelling yet, they will soon. And if they are already swollen, they can always get worse. While you want boots that fit comfortable and will not trip you up, consider how much wider your feet could get over the rest of the pregnancy. Look for boots that are a little wider, softer, and can stretch to accommodate your swelling feet.

    Go with flats whenever possible. Heels add more pressure and stress to our legs, which can be extra painful when you are already carrying extra weight on them. Choose flat boots over the heels if you can. If heels are a must for you, look at shorter wider heels that will not put as much strain on your legs.
  • Make sure that your boots have good arch support. This is very important when pregnant, as your feet are subject to more stress than usual. If you have trouble finding good boots with enough arch support, you can always buy add-ins that go inside of your shoes and boots.
  • Choose breathable, natural fabrics for boots. Leathers and other natural materials are great for helping your feet breath and not trapping moisture against your feet. This can be especially good if pregnancy hormones are making your feet sweat somewhat more than usual. Natural fabrics will help wick moisture away and prevent smells from forming.

UGG makes the perfect boots for pregnancy. The new styles add that sense of flair without sacrificing on comfort. You can find a variety of styles that can be found at Zappos, that your feet will be sure to thank you for wearing.

A pair of great boots can add sizzle to your maternity wardrobe. Before you buy that pair of boots, make sure they will not work against you during the rest of your pregnancy.

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