These Are My Chic Work-At-Home Fave Looks


As a work-at-home mom, I live in casual clothing. My school drop off gear usually include yoga or sweatpants, a tee shirt, a baseball cap and slip on sneakers. For casual lunch dates with other mom friends, a coffee shop meet up with a consultant client, or running errands, I try to dress it up a little bit more but not by much. I share some of my favorite looks on my Instagram account @WAHMStyle. (Follow Me There!)

My go-tos during the winter are chunky sweaters over denim jeans, or a silk turtleneck with a blazer. In the Fall, I live in lined leggings under collared shirts. Summer is for sundresses and maxi dresses; and Spring, I’m all about cute and frilly blouses with cropped pants.

I was going through our Pinterest outfits board and spotted a few looks I think represent the look of a casual work at home mom.


I love a Converse high top sneakers. A pair in mint green is ideal for summer and for breathing life and energy into a casual outfit. Distressed jeans are great because you don’t have to bother to press them out which is essential for a hurried mom blogger. A comfy casual screen tee tops off this casual look. Because I work for myself, I am free to experiment with color! So turquoise or Tiffany blue nails are among my favorites.  GET THE LOOK!


In the Spring, cropped boyfriend jeans are perfect because they’re loose and not too snug for when the temperature is warmer but still provide ample coverage for cooler Spring days.  Ballet flats are a comfy option for quick trips because you can leave them by the door and slip them on easily as you head out. I love yellow because it lifts the mood and is overall a good color match for me. I like this Aztec print black and white shirt because of the interesting pattern detail. Chunky jewelry are signature for my style and this bright yellow necklace is to die for! GET THE LOOK!


For casual meetings or casual happy hours, a nice dark colored dress under a blazer or denim jacket work. Wedges or Espadrilles give me height so I can see eye to eye to who I am networking with and a brown slouch bag is a nice in between of super casual and upscale chic. Gold jewelry, wooden cuffs and unique earring are also conversation pieces. GET THE LOOK!


Finally, I love a Maxi Dress because it is among the most flattering styles of dresses. They usually come in cute and funky patterns and can be worn with sandals, flip flops, wedges or low heels; and under a denim  jacket or cardigan. They can be dressed up or down. Fabu! GET THE LOOK!

And there you have it! You can find links to get these looks from the Bellyitch Blog Pinterest Board‘s Outfit Board HERE!

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