Father’s Day Diss?A 1/4 Americans Don’t Plan to Get Their Dad Anything


Dads have it rough.

A recent survey reveals that most Americans think dads get the short end of the stick on Father’s Day, compared to the heaps of attention moms get on Mother’s Day.


The NationalToday.com and Postmates survey  indicate that 69% of dads surveyed and 74%  of moms surveyed think fathers are cheated from recognition of their role and contribution to parenting.


It’s so bad that 1 in 4 Americans don’t plan to get their dads anything for Father’s Day.


While 24% of respondents say they have no plans to buy anything for Dad this Father’s Day, another 44% will spend $50 or less on dad, and the other 32% will spend $50 or more.


But it’s not like dads want stuff anyway. Like how many ugly ties and socks can one man have in his drawer chest?


Of those surveyed, 49% of dads say time with family is the best Father’s Day gift. Gadgets and electronics come in second (12%), followed by gift cards (8%), tools or appliances (8%), and sporting equipment (6%).


The least popular Father’s Day gift among dads? Office supplies. ha! (Editor’s Note: Not my dad. He loves Office Supplies)


Here is to hoping you all do things for the dads in  your lives today and make them feel special too!


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