Tips For A Healthy Hygiene Routine In Your Children

It’s a struggle to keep our children clean most of the time, and whether they’ve been to school, to the park, or just around the block for five minutes, there is a very big chance they will come back covered in a decent amount of dirt and germs! But it’s not just the fact that kids like to get messy, there are many common issues that kids can suffer from when it comes to their hygiene, so what are they, and how can you minimize these?


A very common thing for children to get is head lice (also known as nits), and you can prevent this by having a suitable hair length. If you have a daughter, a bun style is a very simple method. It’s common knowledge that nits prefer clean hair to dirty or greasy hair, so they say you should wash your hair every other day. However, this can build-up grease and oil which doesn’t feel so pleasant, but according to soundbodylife.com, there are some great brands that will get rid of oily hair. So if you want to minimize head lice but also want to feel like you have clean hair, this may be a good option to try.


You should actively discourage your child from biting their nails, especially if they are swallowing the nails. They say there are more germs under your fingernails than there are on the average toilet seat, so the germs could potentially make their way to your digestive tract and potentially cause diarrhea in your children. Solutions to this can include keeping the nails short, but also by encouraging proper hand washing routines. If these don’t work, there are ways to make your nails taste disgusting, that you can find on diyhealthremedy.com, and therefore will stop your children wanting to bite their nails as much.

Washing Hands

This is the most important thing to communicate to your children to make sure that infection doesn’t spread. The common habits would be to wash their hands prior to eating, after using the toilet ,or being in germy environments (such as playing with animals). The best thing you can do as a parent is to set a good example for them and make sure you abide by the rules yourself. If you have family members that don’t wash their hands regularly, this could contribute to the development of threadworms, which are not very pleasant at all!

Brushing Teeth

Last, but by no means least, by having excellent oral hygiene it will have an impact on your children’s entire lives. In addition to knowing the best brushing technique, it’s also important to communicate to your children how their diet can impact their teeth and why they should cut back on fizzy drinks and avoid high amounts of sugar.

Keeping a good hygiene routine is important for every single one of us, but it’s even more important for your children! So make sure you get them started off on the right foot by implementing these at a young age.

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