US Govt Slows Pregnant Undocumented Teen’s Abortion Request

The US  federal government has stopped a 17-year old undocumented Central American girl being held in Texas from getting an abortion.

While being held in an immigration holding shelter  the girl, known as Jane Doe to protect her privacy, sought to abort her 15-week pregnancy.

But  the Department of Health and Human Services officials who oversee the custody of unaccompanied minors have tried everything they can to stop this teenager from getting one.

Lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union took up her case arguing that she was forced to undergo an ultrasound for no medical purpose and then required to undergo counseling to dissuade her from terminating her pregnancy.

The teen’s mom was called over her objections and officials disclosed the pregnancy.

The ACLU won an order Wednesday from a U.S. District Court judge instructing the department to let her have the abortion, but the federal government filed and won for an emergency stay. After a Friday morning hearing the government won an order requisite  the girl to undergo counseling for additional weeks.

After the time lapses, she will beyond 20 weeks and there is a ban in Texas on abortions after then.

H/t LA Times

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