Expat Rules: Moving to Singapore with the Entire Family

One member of our blog family recently relocated abroad for a work opportunity and took her entire family. Another recently left for Singapore and it had a lot of us talking and thinking about how easy it would be to uproot the family and take them half way across the planet.

It’s easier than you’d think actually. Apparently, Singapore is quite the business hub in Asia and it also seems to have have attracted many investors from all over the world. Others come seeking employment in any of the numerous businesses present.

With many finding a welcoming environment, most are seeking to bring their families to Singapore. Before taking the first step, you’d have to source out an Individual and Family Immigration Service and implore the use of a reliable agent. You can visit the immigration department for more details on how to succeed throughout the process. 

Who Is Eligible as a Family Member?

If a mom or dad lands a job or some other oportunity, he or she can then apply for their spouse and children. Interesting enough, over time, this visa can be transformed into permanent Singaporean citizenship. The government, through the use of the immigration ministry, has various options for permits and passes for family members depending on the conditions under which their relative finds themselves. 

Long-Term Visit Pass

If the spouse will be working in Singapore or has an established business, then you can apply for the Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) to this country. Both biological children, stepchildren and adopted ones can also benefit from the same scheme. As mentioned above, the parents of the expat or of a foreign employee in Singapore may have to go through a detailed process. However, it is a possibility for them to get such a chance.

A dependent pass is another option that is available to children, spouses, and parents of a foreigner who is employed in Singapore and earns over S$6,000. This condition is straightforward, and therefore, applies to foreign employees rather than business investors. The process used involves the assistance of an agent to make the process a possibility and success.

Is It Necessary to Bring Your Family to Singapore?

Most people find it necessary to have their families relocate. After securing a job in the country, then you can opt to bring the family if they are willing to relocate. Facilities and services like education, housing, and healthcare in Singapore are on a par with international standards, making the country a world-class hub to live in. There is nothing to worry about because this is just the tip of the iceberg; there are more great reasons to bring loved ones here.

Before applying for any relevant pass and permit, ensure they are eligible in order to avoid disappointments, waste of time and waste of money.

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