Gen X Parents Got Nothing on Gen Y Parents Fancy Lunch Making Skills

Millennials get a bad rap just because they grew up in the social media, Pinterest, visually stimulating generation and have so many more opportunities to do amazingly creative things in their lives.

I admit, I think my generation, Gen X, have some envy over the opportunities they have. One of the things they put their energy into that marvel me is the creative ways they pack lunches. I wish I had the drive to put so much effort and work into the fabulous pieces of art they create.

I was going through my Pinterest food page and marveled at the endless stream of pretty lunches and snacks Gen Y pack for their children. I put together a montage of our Gen X lunch v. the Millennial lunch.

Above is my gen version of peanut butter and jelly or a peanut butter and banana sandwich on the left compared to a Gen X take on the same classic meal.

Look below, what Gen X does with a bowl of fruit, hot dogs, a bowl of apples and grapes, a clementine, ants on a log and pear and cheese on the right! (smile)

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