The One Pregnancy Hack to Get Your Baby to Calm Down AFTER its Born

If you are expecting, you  may know by now that there is no way to tell what type of temperament your baby will have when born. Ideally, you’d want a calm baby, with a warm temperament, who is easy-going and doesn’t suffer from colic or shows anxiety when held by anyone other than mom. Of  course, there is no guarantee and you roll the dice and get what you get, and hopefully, you will have equipped yourself with skills and tools to soothe and calm your baby down when she or he is irritable and inconsolable.

But did you know there is a trick that you can try while pregnant to get your baby to calm down after she or he is born?

I did it with my first kid, sort of by accident, and it worked! Here is how it went down:

When I was expecting, I played one song and one song only while driving about, running errands, as I read. For me, it was the “Dance of the Sugar Plum Faeries” from the Nutcracker Ballet.  (That may not be everyone’s cup of tea so for you, pick one song that is palatable to you and whomever you are living with as they too must be able to stand listening to that one song on repeat.)

When my son was born, whenever he would wail uncontrollably because, perhaps, he was in the back seat away from any familiar face and strapped in because we were traveling somewhere, I would put that song on in the car and he would immediately calm down, turn his cheek toward the music and stop crying. It worked every.single. time and I continue to use that song until he could communicate better and got used to those uncomfortable situations and didn’t cry anymore when in them.

It may not work on every baby but it’s worth the try! It could save you stress, anxiety and calm your nerves too when the baby is out! Good luck!

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