Here’s A List of Cool Baby Names That Aren’t That Popular These Days

Cool Baby Names Girl in Field

Are you expecting a baby soon and working on a baby name that is cool yet not too cool and popular? The struggle of being one of several Jennifers, Johns, Emilys in a class is real.

The Social Security Administration keeps a list of names by their popularity and suprisingly a lot of great names have fallen out of fashion and are not being used as much by new parents! Lucky for you, the folks at Livingly went through the list and came up with the top 30 cool names that have fallen out of fashion. They are:

Girl Names

  1. Nadia
  2. Carmen
  3. Selena
  4. Angelina
  5. Keira
  6. Harley
  7. Ivy
  8. Lena
  9. Alicia
  10. Jocelyn
  11. Mariah
  12. Karina
  13. Nia
  14. Eliza
  15. Gemma

Boy Names

  1. Bentley
  2. Tristan
  3. Lawrence
  4. Dante
  5. Jake
  6. Knox
  7. Pierce
  8. Phoenix
  9. Luca
  10. Walker
  11. Hendrix
  12. Vincent
  13. Caden
  14. Reid
  15. Quentin

There you go, expectant parents: OPTIONS!! You’re welcome! lol

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