We’ve Come A Long Way Baby: Yoga Clothes for Little Girls (REVIEW)

Yippee, fitness fashion has come a long way so much so that yoga clothes for girls are a thing now.

As a big advocate for healthy living and living for the entire family, it was quite exciting for me to learn about Jill Yoga clothing. I am a believer in the value of purchasing quality and well-constructed clothing for the children, even at a higher price point because they last longer.

Both of those passions and beliefs intersect with the selection of Jill Yoga. The sports line of a successful Canadian apparel company sells colorful play, gym and yoga clothes for babies through teens, ages 2 through 16.

We were sent a sample to check out and review and I can attest to the fact that they were complete hit!

We got a couple pair of yoga pants and the very adorable and durable Funnel Neck Yoga Jacket which has an asymmetric Funnel wrap neck collar ($42) in a pretty pastel Galaxy print! The Cut And Sew Leggings we received came in solid grey print with patches of bright pink, black and galaxy print. ($34). They all are made of polyester and spandex and are completely machine washable. The  jacket comes with a thumb hole for colder temps. Both have reflective logo which are perfect when after dark.

My daughter Gigi wore the first set to a play and gym park birthday party of a friend of her older brother. She got tons of compliments on it from the older kids too. The pants and top were comfy and she did not overheat while bouncing on the trampoline, doing flips and battling other kids on the challenge balance beam.


Next up, she wore them while ice skating and while doing  yoga exercises. She remained flexible and comfy. The stitching in all the pieces we reviewed is tops and the quality noticeable. You can tell from feeling the fabric that the makers use high end’ish material. Is that a word? ha!

Anyway, I’m getting a few other pieces and some for myself as I learned that they sell clothing for women as well. For the moderate price point, the collection is a must-get because they look like they will last in the wash and can withstand the rough and tumble play and work out. Cool for little kids too!

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