Soften, Shrink, Flatten and Fade Scars, Keloids with This Product, It Worked for Me (REVIEW)

ScarAway works to soften, shrink, flatten and fade keloids, c-section scars, burn scars and more

Back in 2014, a rep for this revolutionary product for healing burn wounds, scars and other skin problems called ScarAway asked me to review the product. She explained that the product worked wonders for her then 2 1/2 year old daughter who suffered a 2nd degree burn on the family gas fireplace.

Scar Away is a self-adhesive silicone sheeting designed with patented ‘Silicon’ technology. Each sheet comes with a smooth fabric on one side with silicone on the other side.

The scar treatment works on visible older scars and newly healed wounds as well as keloids and hypertrophic scars.

I don’t recall ever reviewing it then.

Fast forward four years and I get a mysterious pimple on my lower lip. I should have applied hydrocortisone cream or some other astringent on it to heal but noooooo I did the wrong thing and popped it! Gross, I know!

Well then that pimple quickly turned into a growing hideous scab that looked all scaley (is that a word?) and after  a day or two and what a horrible place to have a hideous scar! Ugh! I wanted to hide.

I then remembered the Scar Away product sent to me for review and peeled  off the circular disc and applied it to the scar. I was self-conscious at first but the sheet is clear and from a slight distance away, non one can notice it. On the second day, I applied make up on top of it to conceal it some more.

Underneath, the silicon sheets which uses patented silicone technology that was previously only available in hospitals, burn centers and plastic surgery practices, formed a seal that mimics the skin when a scar is healing.

The seal worked to  soften, shrink, flatten and fade the scar. Though each box comes with 30 discs, I used about 4 and over the course of those few days, the scar almost totally went away. I certainly is less visible than before! What a miracle product.

It is a safe-to-use, practical, over the counter remedy and runs about $18.00 per box which can be considered steep but is a steal considering the healing properties and the wonders it does for you.  They are also safe to use on kids and on burns and other severe or extreme skin irritations.  The sheets won’t stain or stick to clothing, and conceal while they heal.

They come on flexible, breathable backing and can be cut to size to fit comfortably over scars and under clothing.

They sell them at all local drug stores and pharmacies and can be purchased online on Amazon.  

I found a review comparing it to Mederma and it put ScarAway on top! I have seen people online using it for their C-Section scar and stretch marks too!

I looked and saw the discs on sale at my local Rite Aid for $18.99 and Target sells them for about that much too! They are an EXCELLENT solution and one of the few out there too so, bookmark this post for future reference, parents!

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