Why Gail Simmons Is Not a Fan of ‘The Birth Plan’

Well, we agree that birth plans rarely go according to plan, but she said it!

Gail Simmons, who is a judge on Bravo TV‘s Top Chef and is expecting her second child with her music executive husband Jeremy Abrams, joked during  in an interview with HATCHland“I call BS on the birth plan.”

Simmons, who also was head critic on Top Chef Duels and host of Top Chef: Just Desserts, B, told the blog for the maternity label that chronicles motherhood before, during and after pregnancy. she’s trying to relax and let nature take its course.

“That shouldn’t scare anyone, nor is it a bad thing, it’s just one of the few times in life you can’t control,” she said. “My goal is to have a healthy baby and to get to the hospital on time. That’s my plan. My plan is to not 

It will be a balance and the working family will play it by ear. The couple are parents to 4-year old 

“Once the baby comes, I’ll see how it goes … you never know what kind of birth you’re going to have or what kind of baby you’re going to have. My plan right now is to take off the summer to be with my family and aim to go back to work as soon as I feel mentally and physically able.”

Now, that’s a good plan!

Meanwhile, the cook book author of “Bringing It Home” has been living her best life

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