3 Things We’re Really Loving This Spring

We regularly get offered products to check out for our readers. It can get overwhelming but a few catch our eye and we agree to check them out and provide honest feedback of the complimentary products. We went through our stash and here are three products, in particular, we’re really digging this early Spring:

Earth Day might have been last month, but we really should be protecting the earth all year. That’s what we love about eco-friendly companies like Eco by Naty.  The Swiss company is touted to be the #1 innovative ecological company in the global baby segment.

It is a vet thin this space too. The 24-year old company has invested heavily in research and development to find the best organic materials. In fact, the company is the first to receive a two-star certified by Vincotte – probably the world’s most demanding ecological organization. Since founding, Naty has branched out into a baby toiletry line, creating a 95% renewable clean potty, a 100% organic clothing line and an eco-toiletry line including a chemical free feminine care line and a 100% organic maternity/diaper bag.

Our staff reviewer checked out the Eco by Naty‘s baby wipes and found them to be quite soft and supple. They cleaned off poop of baby  bum very easily. The diaper pants are great and easy to wear and have good absorption. The panty liner for women and easy to wear and feels like you don’t even have them on.

They get a positive review from the team! Get a FREE trial of the diapers for FREE! Woot!

We are also fans of self-care. Now, whether you’re expecting or just another busy mom, we think you deserve the rejuvenation that comes with spa services. Not everyone can afford to venture to a day spa but most people can afford an in home spa experience using products like Hydra Bliss Hydrating Body Wash by Softsoap.They come in scents of coconut water, blueberry, cucumber water and mint. 

The staff checked out the line and one said they  are” literally the best soaps  I’ve ever used” adding that “the coconut and blueberry soap permeates the room as soon as you open the bottle. The soap feels so smooth as it falls on your skin and  the lather is rich  and creamy.”

She added, “my skin didn’t feel dry and was supple after showering. I didn’t even have to use lotion after soaping because the natural oils of my skin came to the surface.  Both soaps gave me the same results; but the scent of the mint in the cucumber water and mint lasted all day  on my skin and was so refreshing. LOVED THEM!!!


Finally, for baby, we definitely recommend you invest in You’re My Little Cuddle Bug board book by Nicola Edwards and illustrated by Natalie Marsha (retail: $7.49) . We loved this book. The colors were bright, engaging and captivating.  Babies will love the content story and the drawings and colors will keep their attention as it did with our blog babies.

We would definitely recommended as a book for story time with your kids!!

There you have it! Share with us what you’re digging this Spring. Find us on social at Bellyitch everywhere! (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)

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