7 Parental Burnout Triggers and How to Deal With Them

Has it ever occurred to you that being a parent could be stressful? Of course it has–everyone talks about it! They’ll complain about how difficult it is to take care of their kids, they’ll mention how stressed they are when they try to make their children happy and they’ll tell you about all the cleaning up and washing they have to do. Most people just accept this as part of being a parent, but did you know that it could eventually pile up and cause you to break down?

Parental burnout is a phase that parents reach when they struggle to cope with their children. It could be due to the stress of their professional careers or it could happen when you fail to beat fatigue while raising your child.

The pressure often comes from trying to be a responsible and reliable person for everything. Whether it’s refusing to eat fast food and always cooking healthy meals for your children, or refusing to ask for help because you feel too proud, parents can often feel too responsible for their children.

But what are the triggers of parental burnout? What exactly causes it, and how can we prevent it? There are actually many different ways to beat parental burnout, but it does require you to understand how to avoid it in the first place and what the triggers are. Below, we’ve listed seven of the most common triggers of parental burnout and what you can do to avoid them.

  1. Children Asking the Same Thing Over and Over Again

Have you ever wondered why your children ask the same thing over and over again? It can help you understand why, but it doesn’t really help the fact that they’re frustrating you with their comments. The best way to avoid being burned out by this situation is to just stay calm, relax and answer their questions as best as possible. Don’t let it get to you–it’s a phase that will eventually pass.

  1. Children That Refuse to Listen When You Ask Them for Something

Have you ever asked your children something, only for them to refuse to answer you or do what you said? Rebellious children aren’t new, but it can get incredibly frustrating and you may even snap and shout at them. You never want to raise your voice at your children. Instead, be more patient with them. Try a different tone of voice, be more positive and use body language to communicate.

  1. Children That Force You to Repeat Yourself

This coincides with both of the previous points. If you feel like your child has to be constantly reminded of something, then again, you just need to be patient. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way around this other than to stay positive and be consistent with the way you reply. Eventually, your children will get out of this phase, so do your best not to get frustrated and raise your voice.

  1. Children That Prevent You From Getting Enough Sleep

If your children are constantly waking you up at night or causing you to get less sleep, then you should consult a guide for parents on how to get better quality sleep. Not getting enough sleep will make you grumpy and you could snap at your children.

  1. Children That Make a Mess Wherever They Go

Teach your children better manners and how to act around the house. Don’t use physical contact to discipline your children when they don’t listen or do something against your word. Instead, let them know why their behaviour is unacceptable and use a time-out area.

  1. Children That Clutter the Home

If you find that your children are constantly throwing their toys around and always requesting new toys when they already have lots, then you’ll need to start being more strict about how you spoil them. It’s fine to purchase them a few toys and games here and there, but too much and they’ll eventually get used to it and complain when they don’t get what they want.

  1. Children That Won’t Let You Have Some Peace and Quiet

It’s important that you spent a bit of time away from your kids every now and then. It could be a holiday, a night out or even a just an hour of relaxation in the garden on your own. Make some space for yourself. Give yourself some time to relax away from the stress of your kids each day and you’ll find that it can help melt the stress away.

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