Why You Should Move In the Summer

There is no doubt that summer is the busiest moving season especially for families because school is out. There is a lot to be done before the next school year starts. It’s a less disruptive to the kids in the family if the move takes place before the next school year.

Summer is also a good time to sell because many vacation and put it off during this time of the year. Home prices may be better for sellers. Of course, it all depends on the market.

The weather in the Summer is usually better for moving as well. No icy walkway and slips, falls and spills are less likely to happen in the Summer. The weather is usually dry and a lot more enjoyable. Cold weather could lead to your items getting wet or moldy. Not good for delicate items and antiques your moving.

Also, if you have stuff to unload, it’s better to do have a garage or yard sale in the Summer. What ever you don’t unload, you can pack up yourself or hire a good moving company to pack your stuff for you, which would be a God-send especially if you are preggers at the time or have small children that keep your busy during the day.

But Summer is also a busy moving season so factor in the time to find a good quality moving company. Self-moving trucks are also in high demand in the Summer so plan accordingly.

Finally, Summer is a good time to find seasonal work so you could pick up some extra income to finance a move because it can be expensive.

Plan well and you’ll be good to go!

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