Take These Fun Online Baby Hair, Gender and Eye Color Predictors

From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, she and her partner start to wonder what features the baby will have. What color will her eyes be? Will he have red hair like grandma? And of course, they are curious if their baby will be a boy or girl.

There are fun online applications out there that help parents come up with the answers using theoretical calculations formed around genetics. Here is the address of two such applications to check out that have users input the eye  and hair color of baby’s grandparents and parents and spit out a percentage in liklihood of what the baby will have when born.

I checked them out but in my opinion, these predictors are a bit limited, and not inclusive of diverse ethnic groups. For example,  the eye color predictor is limited to brown, blue, green and undefined- colored eyes. 


The hair predictor includes blonde, strawberry blond, brown and red hair. Find it here: https://www.predict-hair.com

The gender predictor  (https://www.baby-gender-predictor.com/)  has the user enter mom’s birthday and the rough time of conception, then spits out a prediction using the Chinese and a Mayan calendar and parameters. There is a full explanation below the answer.

It’s fun stuff. Try them out!

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