All the BAD Advice They’ve Given Pregnant Women Over the Years {INFOGRAPHIC}

There are a lot of opinions out there on the best pregnancy tips. Pregnant women are often bombarded with pregnancy tips from friends and family, websites, clickbait articles, and books. With all this information, how can pregnant women know what to believe?

Women often turn to trial and error, taking the time to discover the practices that work best for them and their bodies.

And of course, a doctor’s medical advice is important above all other opinions.

In general, pregnancy has changed for women around the world.

There are some basic pregnancy tips regarded as tried and true—like rubbing lotion on your belly to prevent stretch marks; taking prenatal vitamins; getting plenty of exercise; limiting caffeine; and eating as healthy as possible.

But it might surprise you to learn that over the centuries, women have resorted to downright grossness and discomfort to boost fertility, stay thin, and birth healthy babies.

To find out more about these startling pregnancy myths, Maeband decided to delve into the past. (Continue reading)

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