Your Baby Called; He Said Quit It With the DIY Portraits Recreations

Before Pinterest and Instagram and those perfect photographed maternity and newborn photos, we had photographer Anne Geddes who created phenomenal and creative portraits.

We could only imagine recreating them ourselves but in these days and age with the onset of digital cameras, reasonably priced props, any mom or dad can try their hand at recreating some of the most adorable and beautiful portraits they’ve seen in social media!

The devil is a liar because Lord knows our babies are not interested in taking part in any of these shenanigans yet…they are thrust into a DIY prop set and well…take a look at how some of these have panned out compliments of a curated roundup by Habit Life of 60 hilarious images.

These are my faves:

“Whyyyyyy? No really, Whyyy dad?!”

“Listen, you really have to stay off Pinterest, mom!”

“Nope! Nah! I said noooooo!”

“You didn’t feed me enough pop tarts to make this work, ma but Ima give it a try anyway!”

“Nope. Still no neck muscle strength yet. Try again in a month, mmm kay?!”

“If you insist but you cannot make me smile!”

“Seriously, folks, this wool is itchy!”

“Not again…”

“Now who thought this was a good idea?”

“This thing is cold. And I can’t fit, ma! I. Cannot. Fit!!!”

“I said no pigtails!”

“If you people electrocute me, I swear!!”

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