Quarantine Blues: This NBA Vet’s Kids Racked Up A $16K Fortnite Bill

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You’re stuck at home with bored kids who sometimes get lost in Fortnite but hopefully they do not get so deep as NBA plater Kendrick Perkins‘ children who racked up a $16,000 bill on his credit card playing the game.

During a segment of ESPN’s “Hoop Streams”, the former Boston Celtics player confessed, “in my house, it’s nothing but Fortnite, NBA 2K…”It just drives me crazy.”

The father of two explained how the game that is free to download on PC, gaming console or mobile device got his wallet good.

“I get my credit card bill back, right? I go to the store; I go to buy something – credit card declined,” Perkins said. “I’m like, ‘What? I haven’t used this; I just paid it.’ Come to find out I got $16,000 worth of Fortnite bills on my credit card. Ever since then, I was like you know what? I’m cool on Fortnite, I do not indulge in video games.”

Although free, kids can rack up a bill purchasing skins, outfits that the players in the game wear and more.

Perkins said was was able to  dispute the charge but  has sworn off ever being spoken to about the game.


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