10 Black Kids YouTube Channels with 100K+ Subscribers

In this season of elevating the unsung and underrepresented voices, a lot of people are looking to diversify and expand their media, reading and tv consumption.

Part of fostering an inclusive world is being exposed to different people from different walks of life, and in the case of a black child, to see kids who look like themselves being creative.

For those who have children and want to include black creators, in particular, YouTube videos starring black children and their families, I’ve curated a list with links to 10 channels with over 100,000 subscribers eacH that are thriving and publishing fresh new content weekly.

Check them out in order of the number of subscribers  and share.

Also, there are several other rising YouTubers who do not have a large following that I will update this post to include as I become aware of them.

Super Siah – 3.21M subscribers

FAMOUS TUBE FAMILY 3.1M subscribers

ONYX FAMIY – 2.9 subscribers


THE MCLURE FAMILY – 1.6M subscribers

Sekora and Sefari Play – 759,000 subscribers

Skits for Skittles – 664K Subscribers

Goo Goo Girlz – 627,000 subscribers

Naiah Games – 542,000

Cali’s Playhouse- 357,000 subscribers

Whizzaroo- 326,000 subscribers


Nadia v. Nigel – 60,000 subscribers

Ace Plays and Giveaways – 12,600 Subscribers

ElliTV isn’t updated any longer but it has 671,00-subscribers

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