Texas Mom of Triplets Tested Positive for COVID, Recovered, Then Had Another Emergency

A Houston, Texas mom pregnant with triplets went into her 28 week check up to discover that she had contracted COVID-19 and two weeks later that one of her three babies had his umbilical cord tied around his neck.

By the day of that discovery about the cord last week, mom had gotten two back-to-back negative COVID test results, clearing the way for an emergency C-section at Women’s Hospital of Texas .

Fortunately, all three babies were born happy and healthy, and the mother, who is only identified as “Maggie” eventually beat COVID-19.

An Instagram post from the hospital shared some details including the fact that the husband wasn’t allowed to be with his wife in the delivery room because he had also previously tested positive for the virus, and while cleared in one follow-up test, he “hadn’t received his second negative test,” so her mother was her “one support person during labor,” the hospital said.

“At 4:51 p.m., “Baby A,” Isabella, was born at 3.11 lbs. At 4:53 p.m., “Baby B,” Nathaniel, was born at 3.7 lbs. Finally, at 4:55 p.m., “Baby C,” Adriel, was born at 2.1 lbs. ” the hospital said.

“The doctors and nurses were amazed by how well Maggie did. She and her babies, who arrived in perfect ABC order, were healthy, safe and undeniably resilient.”

Maggie told other mothers on the hospital’s Facebook page, “You have to let other people help you and remember you aren’t alone. Look forward to each day and celebrate every small victory.”

All this happened the same week Texas was experiencing an unprecedented spike in coronavirus-related hospitalizations.

On June 9, Texas recorded its highest number of coronavirus-related hospitalizations since May 5, and the state has been locked in a battle since against soaring related figures.

A related crisis with triplets appened back in April in Mexico, but there, even though the parents tested positive, the mom’s triplets all tested positive for COVID at birth but each recovered and are healthy as well.

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