The Best Gifts for Teenage Girls, According to Teenagers

Teenage girls are notoriously hard to shop for — and picking the right gift for them might be even harder now than ever before, thanks to trends that shift at lightning speed and the influence of social-media stars who most people of legal drinking age have never heard of. To help you find an age-appropriate gift that’s actually cool for a teen girl to own, we consulted with actual teen girls — including some of the YouTubeInstagram, and TikTok personalities the teen you’re shopping for likely follows. We’ve broken it down into categories, so you can really dial in the right gift. And if you’ve got an adolescent boy in your life, be sure to check out our list of gifts for teenage boys, too.

Here are our faves!

Tessie Canopy

When we asked teens about their favorite bedding earlier this year, Ava Lattimore told us about this bed canopy that’ll transform any teen’s space if they’re tired of their childhood bedroom. Lattimore especially likes that “it drapes softly around your bed instead of hanging straight down,” and adds that “it reminds me of the pillow forts I used to build when I was little but with an air of maturity.” And it lets you carve out a little “secret hideaway,” in your room “to draw, read a book, or chat with friends.”

LED Photo Clips String Lights

As we discovered in both our very enlightening 100-teen poll and our survey of cool college students, string lights are one of the most universally beloved décor pieces in this age group. One teen, Phoebe, says, “The warm hue that these lights create helps me de-stress and unwind.” Another girl, named Sydney, especially likes this set with clips for her photos. “I can hang my Polaroid pictures on these string lights up on my wall, and have them be all lit up so I can look at them while I’m reading before bed,” she says.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Certified cool girls Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight, identical twins with over 5 million followers on Instagram, recommend a waterproof speaker, because “there’s nothing like jamming out to your favorite music in the shower.”

Apple AirPods With Charging Case

For listening to music on the go, AirPods are a must-have among teens. As we learned in our teen poll, “second to their phone, this is what most teens said they always have on them (or want on them).”

Urban Outfitters Butterfly Clip Set

Both Gwen Attridge and Freyer recommend butterfly clips, another ’90s staple. “I went on a binge ordering these clips from Urban after being on the search for good ones for the longest time,” says Attridge. “These are in the trendiest colors and have great hold. They make a super-fun, trendy gift that doesn’t break the bank.”

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