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Alexis Fields and Tamera Mowry-Housley collab On Family Winery

collage of Alexis Fields and Housley Napa valley

I love it when I see Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums in partnership with one another.

More common, I see some of the women featured on this blog wearing the designs of other celeb moms previously showcased. Think Georgina Chapman, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney and others but this weekend, alum Alexis Fields designed the wine tasting room for fellow Bumpwatch alum Tamera Mowry-Housley.

Fields, a former child star and sis to Kim Fields (Facts of Life, Living Single, Real Housewives of Atlanta), turned her friend and one time Sister, Sister co-star Mowry-Housley’s new venture into a dream by working on the interior of the venue, a labor of love for The Real panel talk show host and her family’s venture, Housley Napa Valley.

Fields shared the unveiling to her followers and fans on Instagram.

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This weekend was filled with love and new/old friends at the grand opening of @housleynapa. During this project, we became family. It was such a group effort and couldn’t have been accomplished without the love and dedication of each person involved. So many incredible talents pushed through to make @tameramowrytwo and @adamhousley’s vision a reality. I adore these two and it is always an absolute pleasure to work with them. Tamera, I couldn’t ask for a better design twin. I love how we get each other and support one another. Thank you for always trusting me with projects so personal to you. I cherish our connection. Adam, the brother I never wanted….but I’m so glad I got. I’m so proud of you and, I hate to admit it, but your brilliance and determination inspire me. @kennedybuilt, Dave, you are the most incredible contractor I’ve ever worked with. You and the guys made it a joy every single day. I’m so glad that you and @aprilkennedy found your way into my life. You two and the entire team (Uncle Richie, Josh, Dave, Chaz, Chappy, Spiro…and I know I’m forgetting someone but the love is the same) are amazing. I’m grateful that your incredible skills brought this design to life. And last but definitely not least, #TimMowry, I call you the Heart of Housley. You work the hardest and always still have a smile to offer and a pat on the back. You make everyone feel at home with your warm, loving personality. Thank you for having my back. I have yours, forever. I hope everyone will go and visit #housleynapavalley. It’s such an awesome place to be!!!! And I’m not saying that just because I designed it!!!! ❤️

A post shared by Alexis Fields-Jackson (@alexisfieldspix) on

“During this project, we became family,” she captioned the post. “It was such a group effort and couldn’t have been accomplished without the love and dedication of each person involved. So many incredible talents pushed through to make @tameramowrytwo and @adamhousley’s vision a reality.”

She added: “I adore these two and it is always an absolute pleasure to work with them. Tamera, I couldn’t ask for a better design twin. I love how we get each other and support one another. Thank you for always trusting me with projects so personal to you. I cherish our connection. Adam, the brother I never wanted….but I’m so glad I got.”

Later, she shared photos of the before and after of her workspace:

Fields even gave folks a taste of the work in progress last month.

Nice! Congrats to both women and their families!

h/t BCK Olnine

Actress Alexis Fields welcomes son, Kaden

Congratulations to actress Alexis Fields on the birth of her son, Kaden on July 16. 
The Nickelodean  child star signaled that she was going into labor or about to deliver soon by tweeting, “As so it begins…”
Her sister, veteran actress and director Kim Fields, shared the news on her Twitter feed which Alexis later retweeted: 

Alexis, a couple of days later, returned to Twitter to tweet:

And what an adorable photo of the handsome feller. He looks like his dad:

This is her second child with her husband Kevin. The couple have a daughter Kacie and so we can see they’re sticking with a theme of names starting with the letter K!


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Bump Watch: Alexis Fields shares belly progression photo on IG

Who’s got next on our Bellytich bumpwatch list? Actress Alexis Fields who got out of bed for a few moments while on bedrest to share this beautiful and awesome belly progression photo to her followers and fans on Instagram! The former Nickelodeon child star captioned the photo:

“My booty won’t get applause like Nicki’s did, but my belly is kinda cool. Look how big it is!!! Underwear by Target. Belly by God. Please don’t degrade this post. Recognize it for what it is. I’m sharing something beautiful that I normally wouldn’t at this stage. #PregnancyIsBeautiful”

So sweet! Yes it is, mama!

Fields, who is best known for her role as Alicia in Moesha,  Sharla Morrison in Nickelodeon‘s Keenan & Kel and Nicole Wilson in the The Secret World of Alex Mack, is expecting her second child with her husband Kevin Jackson. They are already parents to daughter Kaycie.

We covered Kim’s sister’s last pregnancy that resulted in her second son, Quincy’s birth last winter.

We’re looking out for a peaceful and safe bed rest, labor and delivery! Hang in there!

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Bump Watch: Actress Alexis Fields counts down to baby number 2

We were stalking checking in on the ladies in our Bellyitch Bumpwatch list and discovered that actress Alexis Fields is really really close. (this time, we totally rushed it before). We know this because the former Nickelodeon star (Keenan and Kel,  The Secret World of Alex Mack) and mom-to-be has been tweeting how she’s on her last vile of patience pills while waiting for the arrival of her son. 
“It’s about 85% pregnancy hormones and 1000% how I always feel but just don’t say cause I’m classy, Lmbo” the former child star recently tweeted.  Right before that, she suggested:

Yikes! Too funny! Hang in there mama.

She’s also been sharing pics of the pregnancy and baby prep with her followers and fans on her Instagram account.

But look at this fabulousness of a maternity look. Face is beat! Posing near a friend whose project she participated in recently.

Already blessed with daughter Kaycie (born in 2008), with her husband of several years, Fields shared photos of her baby’s nursery space.


She went creative with the baby’s bedding writing in a caption to this Instagram share, “Buy Buy Baby for $10. Cribskirt- Pottery Barn Kids. Faux Fur blanket- World Market. #ChicBaby #DareToBeDifferent”

We are also Love Loving this photo of her husband, shared on Father’s Day, of him hooking up their daughter’s hair. Now that’s what’s up! Very nice. Go dads!
Fields, who comes from a Hollywood family that includes actress/producer sister Kim Fields (Facts of Life, Livin’ Single), Jere Fields (Friday the 13th, Gunsmoke, The Brady Brunch) and director, singer and actress mom Chip Fields (The Amazing Spider Man, The Lady in Red). announced her second pregnancy on Thanksgiving in 2013.
photos: Instagram

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Bump Watch: Alexis Fields shares belly progression photo on Instagram

Va va voom! We are loving the recent pregnancy progression photo that actress Alexis Fields shared to her Instagram followers and fans today.

Fields, who is best known for her role as Alicia in Moesha Sharla Morrison in Nickeledeon‘s Keenan & Kel and Nicole Wilson in the The Secret World of Alex Mack, is expecting her second child with her husband Kevin Jackson.

We followed Fields back in 2008 when she was preggers with her daughter Kaycie.

And thru last December followed her  big sister, Facts of Life and Livin’ Single alum Kim Fields, who welcomed her second child, son Quincy Alexander.

Speaking of which, check out a little video of baby Quincy that Alexis shared on her Instagram.

Soooo cute!

Alexis Fields should be due any day now in four months. Oops! We counted wrong!

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Look at all the Drama Our Bellyitch Bumpwatch Alums Have Been In Lately (Links)

round up

Our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums are enthralled in a bunch of scandal these days! And there are others  making not so dramatic, yet good news. Here is a round up:

Kim Kardashian took a nude selfie that turned into a Twitter beef between herself and others (Bette Midler, Pierce Morgan and Chloë Grace Moretz) and ended up being the subject to a series of think pieces, copy cat images and feedback about body shaming, women, feminism, and more.  We suspect given the poor syntax and extra shady verbiage in some of the tweets that Kanye might have snuck in there and spoke on her behalf to her millions of fans too. Who knows!  (Yahoo!)

Current 2nd-time mom-to-be Kelly Clarkson butted into the controversy between pop star Ke$ha and producer Dr, Luke , commenting that she was blackmailed into working with the alleged sexual abuser. He may soon be dropped from Sony amidst all of the negative press. (US Weekly)

On the happier front, two more of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums have joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars: Jodie Sweetin from Full House and Fuller House and Kim Fields a director and current Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member who is best known for her roles on The Facts of Life and Livin’ Single.  (E!Online)

Queen Latifah opened up about wanting to become a mom some day soon. Come on with it, mama! The world could use a little princess or prince Latifah! (E!Online)

Hayden Panettiere says she was shocked that she got so much love and support after her post partum depression diagnosis. (Yahoo!)

14 Celeb Moms who Rocked the Vote & Got A Sticker to Prove it (PHOTOS)

Today, several of our Bellyitch Bumpwatch alums headed to the polls to vote or sent out messages to their followers and fans on social media encouraging them to vote!
Here are 14 moms who rocked the vote!

Olivia Wilde

Kerry Washington

Chelsea Clinton

Vanessa Simmons
Christy Turlington
Alicia Keys

Kim Fields

Phaedra Parks

Laila Ali

Garcelle Beauvais

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Fight Summer Brain Drain with These Fun Summer STEM Projects For Kids

summer fight brain drain

Parents, are you scrambling about looking for camps, sporting activities and other projects for your children to engage in this Summer?

Brain drain is also a big issue for children during summer months when a lot of kids engage in mindless activities. If you would like to keep their mind sharp while doing some fun educational activities, we found some wonderful ideas from Project Lead the Way (PLTW), a nonprofit organization that provides a transformative learning experience for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S..  The organization has collaborated with some of the best teachers in the country and come up with a list of educational activities for kids to enjoy doing this summer.

Here are some ideas:

April Moon (@aprilsunshine77), Robert and Patricia Kern National Teacher of the Year – Waxahachie, TX, PLTW Engineering Master Teacher

1. Take a field trip to your local wastewater plant and / or water treatment facility. Tours are usually free but need to be scheduled beforehand. This is a great way for kids (and parents) to learn about water management processes and what we can do to help conserve water and properly care for our water resources. Water management systems involve many fields, including, but not limited to, biology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and environmental engineering.

2. With so many products now being manufactured, many students do not get much experience with hand tools. One great summer project is to design and build a small structure with your kids, such as a dog house or a tree house. There are many design plans online that you can study before creating and building your own design!

3. Want a fun and educational adventure for the whole family? Visit a glass blowing studio to see demonstrations and / or take classes. This is a great way to experience the beauty of combining STEM with art through a creative manufacturing process!

4. Girls: Watch the TED Talk about Debbie Sterling (inventor and CEO of GoldieBLOX) about her journey as a female engineer and her quest to inspire young girls to pursue engineering.

Kelly Wheeler (@kwheeler_kelly), PLTW Launch Teacher of the Year – Menifee, CA

1.     Roly Poly Adventures: Science Experiments with Pill Bugs! My daughter Madison is obsessed with roly polies! I found a great blog with wonderful science experiments to do with her over the summers using the Pill Bug!

2.     Marble Run (Purchased Product) – My kids love the Marble Run. The set comes with curves, chutes, and wheels for the kids to design amazing marble runs!

Cardboard Boxes! There are so many fun things you can create with cardboard boxes to inspire the inner engineer in your child!

a.     Design and build a car out of cardboard. Families could park their cars in the living room and enjoy a family night watching a movie in their own drive-in!

b.     Design an arcade game! Get some inspiration from a 9-year-old boy named Caine who created his very own cardboard arcade. http://cainesarcade.com

c.     Create a miniature golf course. Q-Tips and paper towel and toilet paper rolls work great!

4.     Inventors Box!

My son Colin who is 10 loves to invent and create at home. This activity is inspired by him.

By having a “Tinker” Box at a child’s disposal it will encourage them to use their imagination and natural curiosity to design and build, not to mention it can also store all their items for building. I have a couple of rules for my kiddos at home: if it’s in the box, they can use it how they see fit in their designs. However, if there is something they want to use that is not in the box, they must ask for permission.

Items to include in the box: small boxes, toilet paper and paper towel tubes, yarn, egg cartons, empty butter tubs, broken toys, old toy parts, tape of all kinds, empty cereal boxes, white glue,glue sticks, paper clips, string, left over craft materials, construction paper, aluminum foil,plastic wrap, cotton balls, and any recycled materials around the house. The list could really go on and on. Make sure all materials are safe for children to use.

One fun idea for your child’s tinker box is to design a boat that can hold 10 to 20 pennies and then try to float it in the sink, bathtub, or small pool.

5.     Books are always great ways to introduce students to STEM and their inner inventor. Here are a few of my kids’ favorites.

a.     The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Sprires

b.     What Do You Do With an Idea? by Kobi Yamada

c.     Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Beth Fox (@bfox01), PLTW Gateway Teacher of the Year – Lenoir, NC

  1. The Engineering Encounters Bridge Design Contest is an Internet-based competition that provides middle school and high school students with a realistic, engaging introduction to engineering. While the contest for 2016 has ended, you can still download the free softwareand try your hand at bridge design to get a leg up on next year’s competition!
  2. Robot Virtual Worlds – Expedition Atlantis! Download this fun activity to learn how to code, incorporate math skills, and expand on your proportional reasoning skills!

Chris Hurd (@CazHSTechLabs), PLTW Engineering Teacher of the Year – Cazenovia, NY

  1.   Our local university, the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), offers a “RoboCamp” that is great for students. They actually have a week long robotics camp, as well as weekend programs. Look up a university or college program like it close to you. What kid wouldn’t like to go away for the weekend or the week and delve into the world of robotics?

2.     Attend a local “Rocket Launch”! See rockets large and small take to the skies on a monthly basis at a local rocket club’s launch site. The Syracuse rocket club hosts a monthly launch and invites the public to come and watch, and even build one and launch it with them! They meet monthly, and launch monthly, and their members come into my classroom for Tech Club to work with my students on a regular basis. I have a group of students right now building a 6’ tall, two-stage rocket that requires six engines and a license to launch!

3.     Visit a local science museum or STEM-based museum to keep students’ interest piqued all summer long. Most have daily activities and lots of hands-on displays as well as an I-MAX theater.

Darwin Shorters (@MrShorters), PLTW Computer Science Teacher of the Year – Charleston, SC

1. Try your hand at the various tutorials on the MIT App Inventor website. Basic tutorials are great to start, and once you have a basic understanding, I suggest the QuizMe tutorial to help students understand the concept of List and how to use indexes to iterate through them.​

Dr. Julye Adams (@DrJulyeAdams), PLTW Biomedical Science Teacher of the Year – Georgetown, KY

  1.  STRETCH your body. Use stretching techniques to become more flexible. Then research the changes in your ligaments and muscles that have to happen for you to become more flexible. Record your observations.
  2.  Design your own toothbrush. What do you wish could be better about your current toothbrush? What issues do you see with it? Design a better version and test it. Record the steps you took to identify the problem, design a new toothbrush, and your final observations in a notebook.

  3. Investigate a “crime.” Ask your parents to set up a mock crime scene. Then make observations and deductions from the scene to determine what happened.

4.  Collect water samples from different areas in your house and backyard. Look at small drops with a high magnification magnifying glass. Do you see anything moving? Then research the various things contained in water.


I’m Going to Defend Blake Lively from Her Haters Today…to a Certain Extent

la face

Oh my Gosh, Becky!! There is a ton of faux outrage on Twitter over Blake Lively captioning a split photo of her front and rear posing in a Cannes Film festival dress, “LA face with an Oakland beauty”.

And by “ton”, I mean a few people and the media picked up on those few and blew it up as if there is a firestorm of criticism. I’d say most of the people upset probably weren’t even old enough to remember when Sir Mix A Lot released, “Baby Got Back.” In any event, the song has become the virtual anthem of big booty glorification. It is now trending and cool to have a large derriere thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. (Ignore the fact for a moment that they were always celebrated and appreciated in the Black community)

It really is not that deep. And while I was scoping the over-inflated reports of non-existing shade, I noticed people bringing up the fact that the Gossip Girl alum got married to Ryan Reynolds on a plantation.

Big friggin deal! I vacation at a resort that was once a plantation. Guests come from all backgrounds, races and ethnicities. I mean what do people want to happen to all the land that were once cotton fields? Burn them and put up museums of shame? There are buildings currently erect in the south that once  had “For Colored” signs in them.  Are  we to never use them either because they once were part of a sordid history?

The only criticism I thought maybe was warranted was her response to allegations that Woody Allen abused his child. Lively responded to a joke that the master of ceremony, a French comedienne made about Allen. She said she disliked the joke and finds Allen “empowering to women.”

She was also asked to respond to a recent essay by Allen’s son with actress Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow.  He basically again alleged that Allen abused his sister, and Allen’s daughter, Dylan when she was a child and called out Hollywood for ignoring it (For the record, Allen was cleared of abuse charges).

Lively, who stars in Allen’s latest project Cafe Society gave a cryptic response,

“I came home and went to bed at whatever time we finished,” the actress said. “I haven’t been in it, so I don’t want to speak on something I haven’t read. I think that’s dangerous.”

That response was… um meh.

But then again, he’s her boss (as in he is responsible for her paycheck from his film right now), even if he did marry the daughter his ex adopted when she was just 8-years old. errrr.

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