12 Easy Ways To Encourage Your Child to Eat Healthy


Being a mom can be difficult, especially at mealtimes.

Children can be very fussy when it comes to trying new foods, especially those of a healthy, nutritional value. If it’s green, it must be mean! However, there are ways we can still encourage our children to eat healthily, and here some ideas in how to do it.

1. Give informed advice

If it isn’t made from chocolate, your children may turn their noses up at what you put in front of them. However, a little education goes a long way. Explain to your child in fun and creative ways why choosing foods of nutritional value are better than eating junk food. Let them know what foods will make them better at sports. Tell them how a healthy breakfast is ideal for boosting their brain cells. We often tell our children to do something without explanation, so start as early as you can with good parental advice.

2. Place healthy food in reach

Whenever you bake cookies, you can guarantee your child will not be too far away, eager for a tasty snack. Instead, have healthy foods placed around the house, such as a fruit bowl on the table, so when they are hungry, they will be tempted by the more healthy choice on offer.

3. Grow your food

Most children hate vegetables. However, if they have been given the opportunity to grow their own, they might take ownership of the food and begin to eat it.

4. Don’t be bossy

The more you order your child to eat that plate of broccoli, the less likely they are going to do it. Instead, consider the foods your child enjoys and add to them to make a healthier option. For example, have a chocolate dip with the strawberries, or have a look at Healthy But Smart’s list of food processors, for those delicious fruit smoothies.

5. Prepare a buffet

Children enjoy choice, so have a range of foods on offer. From pasta shapes to cheese rolls, choose food that looks and tastes good, with that all important nutritional value.

6. Take it slow

Don’t introduce too many new foods quickly. Perhaps try something different each week. If they don’t eat it, tell them that sometimes taste buds take a while to get used to something. That gives you the opportunity to return to that food down the line, giving your child a fun reason to see if they like it better.

7. A spoonful of sugar

We all know too much sugar can be bad for us. However, to misquote Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar can help the broccoli go down. Sprinkle a little bit of sugar on the food your child finds disagreeable, and it may be easier for them to eat.

8. Make eating fun

Be creative with your children’s foods. Give the peas silly names, and make fun patterns on the plate. Use cookie cutters to make funny food shapes. Make a pizza together, letting your child design the food on the base, such as a smiley face or a rocket ship. The more fun they have in cooking with you, the more likely they are to eat what they have created.

9. Allow for treats

Don’t be so health conscious that your child never gets to eat what their friends are. The occasional ice cream, chocolate, and popcorn are fine. Everything needs to be done in moderation, but a world without candy floss is a very boring one.

10. Be a good role model

Practice what you preach. Don’t give your child a plate of broccoli while you tuck into a burger. Your child looks at you for a good example, so be mindful of your own eating habits.

11. Let your kids plan dinner

As dodgy as this sounds, giving your children control over planning one mealtime a week may provide surprising results. Ask them to think about a healthy menu and put options in front of them. As you go shopping, as stressful as it can be, let them pick the foods they want for their chosen mealtime. If all goes wrong and they insist on french fries with chocolate, go for it, with the rule that they must eat your food choices on the other days of the week

12. Talk to your doctor

If you have concerns about your child’s eating habits, or you are considering putting them on a diet, talk to a doctor first. Whether you think your child is too fat or thin, it is always better to seek expert advice.

Good luck parents!



Sterile Lab Mouse Delivered a Baby from Stem Cell Eggs


With an assist, an old mouse might be able to make new eggs.

Sterilized female mice produced healthy babies after receiving a transplant of egg-generating stem cells from another mouse, researchers report online May 18 in Molecular Therapy. If such a procedure worked in humans — still a distant prospect — it could help women with early menopause or chemotherapy-induced infertility to conceive.

These egg-generating cells are germline stem cells — precursors that become either eggs or sperm depending on whether they end up in ovaries or testes. While male germline stem cells differentiate (or become specialized) throughout a man’s life to produce a steady supply of new sperm, a woman’s are believed to differentiate into a stockpile of eggs during a relatively narrow time frame before she’s even born. Some recent studies have begun to question that conventional wisdom, though the idea that germline stem cells could still exist in women after birth is controversial.

“It’s been a debate for many years, whether there were indeed cells in the adult ovary capable of forming new eggs,” says Evelyn Telfer, a reproductive biologist at the University of Edinburgh who wasn’t part of the new study.

If such a population of cells existed, women might be able to produce new eggs later in life. That could offer hope to women whose existing eggs were damaged in some way. Isolating those germline stem cells and coaxing them to become eggs has proven tricky, though. The cells need just the right environmental conditions to turn into eggs.

Scientists have previously shown that isolated germline stem cells from mice can turn into eggs in a petri dish. “The argument is whether these cells will do it in the body normally, or is this a feature of the cells being cultured,” Telfer says.

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Bump Speculation: Meghan Markle at Pippa Middleton’s Wedding Reception


The sister to our most popular bumpwatched alum Catherine Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) got married on Saturday, May 20 at St. Mark’s church in England:

Pippa Middleton married her fiancé of two years, hedge fund manager James Matthews, at a lavish ceremony where her niece and nephew Prince George and Princess Charlotte were in the wedding party, along with sister Kate and princes Harry and William.

The bride wore a jaw-dropping white lace gown courtesy of British designer Giles Deacon.

She also married into royalty as Matthews is the heir to a Scottish title. His father, David Matthews, is otherwise known as the Laird of Glen Affric, meaning that eventually, Pippa will be known as Lady of Glen Affric.

The ceremony was also notable for rumors that Pippa only permitted significant others who were fiance or married to a family member to attend- a so-called “no ring, no bring” policy.

William’s bro is famously seriously dating American actress Meghan Marke. While the Suits star didn’t make the ceremony, the Daily Mail reports that she did attend other wedding weekend events including a Bucklebury,  Bershire event and  air exhibition at the Middleton’s estate.

Markel attended while Pippa’s brother-in-law Spencer Matthews‘ girlfriend Vogue Williams did not. So…hmmmm

Also, we don’t think it is there, but a few folks thought they saw a slight bump on her recently, sparking Bumpwatch and marriage speculation widely.

Time will tell.

Serena Williams Bumps It Up On a Yacht


Serena Williams took to Instagram this weekend to share some lovely photos of herself sunbathing on a yacht. The first-time expectant Tennis Champ and her fiance Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are expecting their first child this year.

Williams made the announcement accidentally on Snapchat while chronicling her fourth month of pregnancy. Since the secret’s been out, she the 26-time Grand Slam Serena Williams champ has been open sharing bump progression photos on Instagram.

Last weekend, she gathered 20 of her close family  and friends including sisters Venus, Lyn and Isha and mom Oracene for a “magical” bridal shower at 1Hotel & Homes South Beach in Miami, Florida.

“Serena is one of my best friends, so a lot of love and thought went into planning the magical detail-oriented bridal shower weekend,” event planner Val Vogt of The VLV Group revealed to ET. “There were constant surprises; from a painting party to unique bridal shower games to having a live fashion illustrator on the yacht.”

This makes us think the wedding will come before baby is born.

Check out her recent IG shares:


Fun day out and about with @audemarspiguet

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MA Attorney General Orders School’s Anti-Black Kids’ Hair Policy Stopped


Since April, black female students who wear braided hair extensions have been subjected to detentions and suspensions in a Massachusetts charter school.

Thes acts have been the subject of lots of critical press lately.

This Friday, the state attorney general directed a Malden charter school to immediately stop punishing black and biracial students for wearing hairstyles the school said violate its dress code — rules the attorney general deemed discriminatory and unevenly enforced.

In a letter sent to Mystic Valley Regional Charter School, the office of Attorney General Maura Healey said the school’s hair and makeup policy violates state and federal law “by subjecting students of color, especially black students, to differential treatment and thus denying them the same advantages and privileges of public education afforded to other students.”

The school’s dress code prohibits extensions — additional hair that is woven in — citing them as an example of a style that is “distracting” to other students. It also bans hair that is “more than 2 inches in thickness or height,” an apparent reference to Afros most likely to be worn by black students, according to the attorney general’s office.

But parents have said the hairstyles are an important expression of the students’ culture, and decried the school’s crackdown as racist.

Read more about the order here

Yes! Win for kids and free flowing Braids! I have a Braids Blog also so I might be biased. Check it out

Shot of a young woman with braids posing against a pink backgroundhttp://


When Matthew Knowles Hinted Beyonce Is Due and Pics (PHOTOS)


When asked to satisfy the curiosity of the Beyhive, Matthew Knowles told TMZ that his daughter Beyonce is due more than two weeks from now.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Pregnant Beyoncé celebrated her last Mother’s Day as a mother of one by wearing matching designer gowns with 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy.

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The twin mama-to-be, 35, shared new photos on Friday from her May 14 celebration on her website and Instagram.

A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

Bey and Blue were decked out in tiered hydrangea-print chiffon dresses by Dolce & Gabbana. The pair’s designer ensembles featured cap sleeves with draped detailing, smocked frill-trim empire waist, tiered maxi skirt, and floor-sweeping hem. For a retail price of $5,395, you too can coordinate the same look as Bey and Blue.

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8 Ways to Encourage Sportsmanship in Kids

Between youth league team sports, school physical activity initiatives, and the variety of athletic lessons and skills that today’s kids participate in, there are tons of opportunities every day for kids to showcase either sportsmanlike qualities or the foibles of a sore loser.

Emotions tend to run high, especially in younger children, making it even more difficult for them to display themselves as a good sport. There are several ways that parents and authority figures can help kids to become sportsmanlike competitors; these are a few of the simplest and most effective.

1. Model Sportsmanlike Conduct – Kids learn by emulating the adults that are important to them, so it’s imperative that parents, coaches, and caregivers model good sportsmanship at every opportunity. That means applauding good plays regardless of who made them, keeping negative comments and criticisms to yourself, and never making a child feel bad about himself because of an athletic mistake.

 2. Don’t Focus on Wins and Losses – Instead of focusing on the wins and losses of a kids’ sports team, adults should concentrate on acknowledging good plays and offering supportive assistance to build skills that children are less confident in. Emphasizing the importance of playing to the best of your abilities rather than obsessing over a win helps kids feel less absorbed with scoring and allows them to be more in tune with teamwork and dedication.

3. Never Reward Excessive Aggression – A child that delivers a win through overly-aggressive conduct should be congratulated on her success, but also encouraged to do so in a manner that can’t be construed as bullying the other players on the field.

4. Instill a Sense of Pride – When children are praised and taught to feel a sense of pride in their athletic accomplishments, parents and coaches can also help to instill a sense of humility. Kids that learn the difference between confidence and cockiness are also beginning to understand the concept of sportsmanlike conduct versus swaggering conceit.

5. Emphasize the Importance of Having Fun – At a young age, even budding athletic stars are still learning the fundamentals of the game and are beginning to build the foundations of skill. Kids that feel pressured to perform beyond their means or are forced into participation are not only almost certain to grow to resent their sport, but also to become more focused on winning at all costs. Keep kids’ sports focused on having fun, working together and building skills that may be valuable in the future.

6. Don’t Coach From the Bleachers – In addition to embarrassing your child, shouting at his teammates, coaches, and the other team from the sidelines is a great way to teach kids exactly how not to behave. There’s nothing sportsmanlike about railing the other team, berating children for a fumble, or badmouthing a coach your child looks up to. Remember the first rule of teaching kids to be a good sport is to model that behavior yourself, and this includes refraining from taking on the head coach role from the bleachers.

7. Point Out Good – and Bad – Conduct in Professional Athletes – The Olympic Games and other sporting events provide parents and coaches with a great opportunity to point out stellar sportsmanship, but it can also create talking points for discussing bad conduct on the part of a professional athlete or sports figure. When major sports names make the news for either a temper tantrum or an impressive display of grace, talk about it with your kids. Ask them how they feel about the situation, creating a dialogue that allows you to both hear what your child has to say and pass along the wisdom that you’ve learned over the years.

8. Discouraging kids from looking up to trash-talking, insulting athletes who make a name for themselves by bashing their teammates and opponents is one of the most important steps to helping them learn to be good sports themselves, as children will model their own behavior after that of their heroes. While you can’t control who your kids look up to, you can calmly and gently point out their favorite stars’ attitudes, when they’re someone to look up to, and where they have room for improvement.

Remember, though; badmouthing a rude professional athlete to your child isn’t likely to be viewed by her as much different from that athlete threatening to pulverize his opponents.

Choose your words carefully, and help your kids become the best sports they can be.


Bar Refaeli is Having a Pretty Bikini Bumpin’ Pregnancy


Second-time mom-to-be Bar Refaeli is not being fair showing off her super cute and tiny body in adorable bikinis.

The Victoria Secret model posted a photo of herself on a wooden deck in a gold and white bikini.

“Days like these ☀️ Shabbat Shalom,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.

Days like these ☀️ Shabbat Shalom

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This was the second such idealistic shot.  Last week, she posted a photo of herself while vacationing in Ibiza, Spain.

 “Baby wanted some vitamin D☀️” she described the reason for chilling in a teal two-piece.

The high grossing and in-demand runway model and her husband Adi Ezra are parents to 9-month old daughter Liv.


Baby wanted some vitamin D☀️

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Agency Creates Pregnancy LinkdIn Entry Option Women Returning to Work


A creative agency is helping moms return to the workforce after taking a child-induced hiatus (aka to do the job of caring for a human being).

Mother New York created “The Pregnancy Pause” ― a way for moms who took time off after having kids to fill the gaps in their resumes that sometimes cause them to be overlooked in the job search process.

The concept is simple: Moms can add The Pregnancy Pause to the “Experience” section of their LinkedIn profiles. Prospective employers who click the link to The Pregnancy Pause will find a page that explains how maternity leave policies in the U.S. often make mothers feel forced to leave their jobs, which causes resume gaps.

The Pregnancy Pause website also includes a toolkit with instructions and a sample resume template with a reference number.

Prospective employers who call the phone number will hear a prerecorded message that states:

Hello, you’ve reached The Pregnancy Pause. You must be calling about a candidate’s resume that has mentioned her time spent here. While here, she spent innumerable hours raising a child, which has surely offered her invaluable experience as a prospective employee. Visit our website

ThePregnancyPause.org to learn more, and remember, maternity leave is a full-time job.
The Pregnancy Pause website also instructs moms to explain their experience for their job as “mom” ― which could include “anything from ‘Designer of human life’ to ‘Hands-on experience in development.’”

“New mothers in the U.S. often feel forced to quit their jobs due to a lack of adequate maternity leave policies, which leaves them penalized for the subsequent gaps in their resumes. We wanted to give working mothers in the U.S. a simple tool, and make it easier for them to own maternity leave as the full-time job it truly is,” Mother New York chief creative officer Corinna Falusi said in a statement, according to Adweek.”

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New Editon’s Ronnie Devoe and Wife Shamari Are Expecting Twins

ATLANTA, GA - JANUARY 05: Ronnie Devoe (R) with wife Shamari Fears DeVoe at BET's Atlanta screening of "The New Edition Story" at AMC Parkway Pointe on January 5, 2017 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

Congrats to New Edition singer Ronnie Devoe and his wife Shamari Fears Devoe, formerly of 90s R&B group Blaque, on expecting twins!

The boy band member took to his Instagram to share a very cute announcement sharing the news.

“SURPRISE!! Guess what we’re having? —> #TWINS!! <—,” DeVoe captioned a photo of himself wearing a shirt titled “The Man behind the bump” and his wife carrying a sign that says “Suprise! Twins” with an arrow pointing towards Shamri’s baby bump.

“That’s right, the DeVoe Twins are coming!! @ShamariDeVoe and I couldn’t be happier …We’ve been blessed with not 1, but 2 amazingly, incredible bundles of joy. GOD is so good!! We thank all of you for sending your prayers, well wishes and support! Keep it coming… Love you to Life…!”

The couple married in 2006. Shamari was a member of the 1990s group Blaque which had hit singles like “808” and “Bring it All to Me“. She and her fellow members co-starred in the pop culture hit film “Bring it On.”

Tragically, one third of their founding members Natina Reed died in 2012 from a hit and run accident. Sadly, the group’s founder Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes of the group TLC also died in a car accident in Honduras in 2002.

Devoe is the second to last of New Edition members to have a baby. Only Ricky Bell and his wife are without children.

The Devoes announced the pregnancy itself three months ago, also on Instagram.