Idris Elba confirms girlfriend pregnancy rumors, latest tweets trigger massive panties dropping


And in stalking gorgeous men whose significant others’ are expecting news….

Idris Elba created Twitter mayhem this Saturday when he sent out a provocative tweet that referenced his manhood. See, it’s not just the female celebs who get off on attention. That tweet got retweeted over 7,500 times and faved about 8,600+ times and counting.

AND he kept at it with a follow up saucy Tweet about “releasing the beast” and acknowledgment of the furor and the fact he’s gotten a massive amount of new followers since it.

Well played, handsome Afro-Brit God, well played.

Expect to see men in big bow ties and other celebs hopping on the peen tweet bandwagon soon.

And it was only last December that he was finally admitting to the public that he and his girlfriend, make up artist girlfriend  Naiyana Garth  are expecting.

Lucky woman! Blessed couple!

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