New Trend? Twitter employee live tweets her labor and delivery

After giving birth to my third and last kid back in 2007, many people called me crazy for posting about it on this blog shortly after. It’s 6 years later and people are actually live tweeting their labor and delivery in 140 character increments! Wowza!
That is what Twitter employee Claire Diaz-Ortiz started updating her followers as soon as she started feeling labor pangs and ended her #InLabor sharing with a photo of her daughter,  Lucía Paz Díaz-Ortiz!
She isn’t the first to carry this off, but being an employee of Twitter helps get her more notice. Designer, former star of a BravoTV show and mom to three, Rosie Pope sort of live-tweeted her last kid’s birth in 2012.

Ingenious or the ultimate overshare. What are your thoughts?

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