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The 5 Clues Fans Used to Determine Nicki Minaj was Pregnant Before She Announced

Congratulations are in order to rapper Nicki Minaj  who is expecting her first child with her husband Kenneth Petty as she announced her news on her Instagram yesterday to the surprise of none of the Internet sleuths who had already recognized all the clues that she was pregnant, beginning with speculation last month when she posted a curious photo trying to conceal her bump in high rise bikini bottoms.

“Love. Marriage. Baby carriage. Overflowing with excitement & gratitude. Thank you all for the well wishes,” Minaj captioned the third in a set of formal colorful maternity photos where she is sitting on a pink couch. The last  of the photos is her draped in white in an editorial shot made to look angelic, taken by famed photographer David LaChappelle.

Part of being a celebrity woman of child bearing years is that you have people constantly speculating about whether or not you are pregnant. It can frustrating especially if you had been actively trying but keep having to see and respond or ignore rumors published in the tabloids or social media. Model Chrissy Teigen, actress Gabrielle Union and many others suffered with infertility while batting down insenstive demands from people asking when they would be having their first chilld.

However, when the moment that a star does get pregnant, she then has the challenge that many women have of trying to keep it private for at least the first three months when the risk for miscarriage is the highest. After the first trimester, the chances of that mom-to-be carrying a baby full term and having a healthy labor and delivery shoots up exponentialy.

Still, sometimes the public guesses right because there are tell tale signs and Minaj displayed them ALL!!!

After the Super Bass performer made her announcement, many fans said in the comment sections under news reports that the news was of no surprise to them based on the various clues that exist when a woman in the spotlight is hiding her pregnancy:

1. She only shared head shots in social media

For women who famously show off their fab bods at every chance they get, seeing them suddenly stick to posting head shots inscial meida is a dead giveaway that they are trying to perhaps hide weight gain in the tummy area and elsewhere.

For the weeks leading up to the announcement the Anaconda rapper shared photos of her self performing songs with only her head in the shot.

2. She wore clothes that covered her belly.


You can hide your body by carefully selecting what you post but unless you plan to live a hermit life or escape to another country, then there is a high liklihood that the paparazzi will spot you out and about.

When Kylie Jenner was secrety pregnant with her daughter Stormi, fans speculated her condition because she wore baggy clothes. Her sister, Khloe Kardashian, revealed that she used an A-line coat to hide her bump until she announced the news that she was expecting a baby.

If you are pregnant during Award season, as Cardi B was, you can get your stylist to design outfits that creatively conceal your bump.

Most recently, currently pregant stars, actress Sophie Turner and model Gigi Hadid were spotted in super baggy clothes and reported frequently as being pregnant in the gossip press. The oversized PJs were a dead give away Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik were expecting their first child together even before she confirmed her news last week.

3. She drops out of public light

Similarly, it is always suspicious when women who usually crave the spotlight drop out of the public eye. That too is a signal they may be secretly expecting.  On the real, Minaj literally told the world she was baby making when she quit music via Twitter last September to start her family.  But because she had quit Twitter before after having beefs with her ex Meek Mill, rap nemesis Remy Ma, not a lot of people took the announcement seriously.

The quarantine period was very convenient for Jessica Biel to lay low and incubate a whole other person. She and her musician/producer husband Justin Timberlake reportedly welcomed their second child recently and no one knew. They tore a page out of Ana Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias‘ book when those two had a whole set of twins on the download back in 2017.

Some have tried to keep the secret for the total nine months and have come close.

Evangeline Lily and Jennifer Hudson got caught by paparazzi both around 8 months pregnant. They were in remote places where there is no Hollywood scrutiny but still got busted.

Others succeed.

In 2018,  How to Get Away with Murder star Karla Souzaand in 2014, Ozark star Laura Linney announced the birth of their first child, respectively, after the baby was already born.

4. She Subconsciouly (or her partner) Touches her Belly


Last month, Minaj gave yet another clue when she showed a video of Petty rubbing her belly. In other years, the maternal subtle cradle of the tummy is a sign a woman is expecting. It’s a subcouncous and natural maneuver which is a sign.

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj) on

5. Her face looks fuller

Weight gain is a sign of pregnancy and even for women who manage to not pack on the pounds, a dead giveaway is a fuller rounder face. Many fans speculated and noticed that in the video for Trollz with Ta, Minaj face looked significantly more cherubic than usual.

Well there you have it. If you are a woman in the lime light and seek to totally hide your pregnancy from the media and the public, avoid doing any of the above. Good luck!

Valentine’s Day: 10 Creative Last Minute and Low Cost Ideas

Today is Valentine’s Day and for those of us who are not in the mood to go out and would prefer to stay home, I put together a list of 10 last-minute things you and your significant other can do at home tonight.

  1. Sushi and Movie: Personally, this is my number one pick. I would like an order of assorted sushi, chocalates and wine and to sit in front of the TV in the basement and watch a couple of movies.
  2. Indoor Picnic: If you want a more romantic dinner, consider picking up your or your partner’s fave meal, pull out a blanket and have a picnic in the living room, after the kids go to bed if you have small children.
  3. Candy and Game night: If you are playful and in mood for sweets, pick up an assortment of candy or make your own candy bouquet and pull out the Jenga, chess or checker board, or cards and have a couple’s game night.
  4. Paint and Sip: Head to the local craft store or your local Walmart or Target and pick up a canvas and paint supplies, Grab a couple bottles of wine or your fave spirits and select and image for the two of you to paint while drinking. Have mood music in the background. Don’t forget the tarp or newspapers to catch the spills and mess that is sure to be made.
  5. Basement Dance Party: One thing I love to do is watch YouTube videos of the latest pop and dance hits and dance to them as a form of exercise. If you and your boo are into fitness, that could make a fun indoor activity. And it would burn off all the junk you ate at the office during the day.
  6. Wine Tasting: Get the tiny bottles of wine or liquors from the Liquor store, pick up some fruit, seltzer and other items and host a personal wine or liquor tasting in the kitchen. Order dinner to keep you guys from getting too inebriated and stick to small sips and don’t mix them so you don’t wake up tomorrow with a hangover.

    Photo by Min An from Pexels

  7. Spa Night: If you both like pampering yourselves, why not get some spa masks, loofah sponges, cuticle trimmers and have a pampering bath and spa night. Pop some champagne and relax
  8. Cook’s Cook: If you are into cooking, pick up some ingredients for a dish that takes a while to make and together whip it up and eat. Cooking together is an intimate act, some experts say.
  9. Baker’s Bake: Alternatively, if cooking is just too much, you guys can bake something pretty complicated and see if it comes out good enough to eat! Have it with dinner or with Game or Movie night above
  10. Host Other Couples: Finally, especially if you live in a town house or apartment and have other couple friends nearby who do not have plans, host an impromptu couple’s night. Make it a pot luck and have everyong agree on one movie to watch. Alternatively, you can bring out the games and have a fun couple’s game night.

There you go! Hope these are helpful and if you do any of the above, please be sure to tag me @Bellyitch on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest!

STUDY: Middle Child Boys Are More Delinquent Than First Borns

A relatively new study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology looked into the impact of birth order on delinquency and found that second-born boys “are substantially more likely to exhibit delinquency problems compared to their older sibling.”

The conclusions were extrapolated from examining data sets from the US state of Florida and from Denmark.

Most striking, it discovered that second-born boys are involved with the juvenile justice system at a rate 40 percent higher than first-borns and what is to blame?

More relaxed parenting and shorter maternity  leave!

“Second-born children tend to have less maternal attention than do their older siblings,” the authors write. They explain that firstborns get the benefit of their mother’s maternity leave following their own births and following their sibling’s birth.

The study also looked into in school suspension and truancy rates when determining the definition of “delinquency” so it wasn’t all all out criminal behavior.

The authors found that when a girl was added to the mix, delinquency in the middle second boy went down.

Interesting study.

My family dynamics are two boys and a girl and the second boy finds himself in more pickles and jams than the first but I think it is because he is more outgoing and has a larger peer group to get in trouble with, and also, his personality.

In my family, which has a youngest girl, the additional female did nothing to impact the boys behavior.

I suppose it is all relative, despite these stark trends in the data!


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Women in Hollywood Are Getting Baby Foreskin Facials Now

First it was “vampire” facials and now affluent women and celebrities like Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock and Cate Blanchett are going to spas to have the foreskin of circumcised babies applied to their skin for cosmetic reasons. 

How it works is: Dermal fibroblasts–skin cells that are responsible for generating connective tissue–are taken from the circumcised foreskin of infant penises and then used as a culture for growing new stem cells.

Those new cells are then used to make a serum that is applied to the face as part of a specialized facial.

The procedure costs $650 and is offered at the Georgia Louise Atelier in New York City, and has become a go-to among celebrities. 

In a recently deleted Instagram post, actress Kate Beckinsale reportedly admitted she got one of the penis facials.

“After a long flight I do like to lie down and be covered in a mask of liquified cloned foreskins-frankly who doesn’t?” People magazine reports the captioned an Instagram photo “Thank you @georgialouisesk for an amazing facial. I especially liked you reassuring me it would be ‘light on penis’ as it was my first time x.”

Yikes! The reply and backlash was swift and probably is the reason Beckinsale removed the post.  You can read Cafe Mom’s round up of some negative social media commentary HERE!

Earlier this year, Bravo TV scripted television star Jill Kargman tried out the procedure and penned her experience for Hollywood Reporter and even starred in a smiley photo after the treatment. Eeek!

Your thoughts? Let’s connect on social at Bellyitch at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. 

photo: courtesy Hollywood Reporter

It’s Another Boy for Pro Surfer Bethany Hamilton!

It’s another boy for professional surfer Bethany Hamilton and her husband Adam Dirks.!

The couple welcomed their second son Wesley Phillip Dirks recently. Hamilton announced the news on her  Instagram account. sharing a sweet photo of the new family of four.

“We are overjoyed to welcome our son Wesley Phillip Dirks into the world!” she captioned the photo with her husband, their 2-year old Tobias with while Bethany held  their newborn. “It’s been a beautiful time getting life started with the four of us,” she wrote. “We are thankful to God for our to guys!!!”

The Soul Surfer author later went to Twitter thankful for all of the love and kind wishes tweeting, “I appreciate the support for our growing family! Special time.”

Congrats to the beautiful growing family!


Major Network Reality TV Casting: Show About Searching for Your Child’s Dad

If you are a solo parent who has lost track of your child’s father and aren’t shy about expanding your search before the public, you can consider auditioning for a new show by Squeaky Wheel Casting, an agency which has cast for reality TV shows on HGTV, BravoTV, TLC, Spike, Food Network, Oxgyen, Lifetime channels and more.

The new lifestyle series which is being cast on behalf of a “big time network” will take viewers through the process of a single mom or mom-to-be who is trying to track down her child’s dad.

Now this would apply for those who had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy, or someone who got pregnant for a former lover or partner and for one reason or another failed to inform him of his fatherhood. Or maybe, the dad was aware but dipped out of the picture to avoid responsibility.

If this fits your situation and you’re cool about being on TV, you can contact casting agent at [email protected] or fill out this FORM HERE!!

Do let us know on our socials Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram if you get cast! We would love to follow your story and root you on your journey!


Share your #PalmersBelly, Win a Pregnancy Pamper Back


Hey preggers mamas-to-be, Palmer’s, makers of cocoa butter products long loved by pregnant women, is having a contest inviting expecting ladies to personalize a Palmer‘s photo with their own belly picture.

By participating and sharing the image with your family and friends on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #PalmersBelly, you’re automatically entered  for a chance to win a Palmer’s pregnancy pamper pack!

Each week, 10 lucky winners will be announced on Palmer’s social media sites.

Sweet!  Good luck mamas!

palmers belly

Kim Kardashian may Soon Be Credited for a Future Twitter Edit Function

kim kardashian twitter bellyitchblog.com

First, Taylor Swift was credited with getting Apple to change its mind about revenue sharing with artists during the three-month FREE trial period on its new streaming service, and maybe soon, Kim Kardashian may be credited with giving us all the edit function on tweets.

Last week, the mom-to-be tweeted that she had asked Twitter to add the ability for users to edit tweets rather than delete them and repost them. Co-founder of the immensely popular social media siteTwitter Jack Dorsey responded to her tweet with, “Good Idea.”



Recall, it has only been since 2013 that users have been able to edit Facebook statuses.

Also, certainly, others have made the request for that function on Twitter before but they are not the highly influential Kim Kardashian are they? Ha! And some people are butt hurt a bit about it too:





Just deal and say,”Thank you, Kim!” LOL!

These are the Top 10 Companies to Work for to get Generous Paternity Leave


Unlike progressive nations like Sweden, the United States doesn’t have federally mandated paternity leave for employers. Only 12 percent of US companies offer it.

Given that Bellyitch is an online digital blog and eMagazine and a proud member of Team Internet, we were quite elated to see that 5 of the top 10 companies with generous paternal leave as identified by TakePart are tech companies:

Change.org tops the list at #1 with its 18 weeks paternity leave offering.

Coming in behind the online petitioning site at #2 is Reddit which offers 17 weeks for birth and adoptive dads.

Facebook is number 3 on the list and it extends its leave policy to contractors as well as employers. Sweet!

Number 5 on the list is Twitter which also has a support group for new and future dads. Imagine!

Finally, rounding up tech companies on the top 5 is Google, which at #7 on the list, offers 12 weeks if Dad is the primary caregiver and then throws in an additional 5 weeks for adoptive and surrogate parents.


dad with baby

The other ten companies on the list are: Bank of America (#3), eco-friendly retailer Patagonia (#4),  international US-based law firm Arnold and Porter (#8), Swiss health firm Roche International‘s US offices (#9); and business management consultants Ernst & Young. (#10)

Read more details here: http://ow.ly/OHhiT

Idris Elba & Eric Benet: Celebrity men who’ve shared photos of their breastfeeding partners in social media

First Eric Benet in 2012 and now Idris Elba in 2014.

In April, Elba welcomed his first child with partner makeup artist Naiyana Garth and last Saturday, he posted a photo on his Twitter account of little Winston innocently flipping the bird while breastfeeding with the hilarious caption, “I’ve been drinking, I’ve been drinking…Drunk in Milk” as a parody to a lyric in Beyonce‘s song “Drunk in Love” off her last self-titled album.
Funny stuff!
A couple years prior, in January 2012,singer Eric Benet (Halle Berry‘s ex-husband) also shared a photo (which has since been deleted) of his wife Manuela Testloni on Instagram also nursing their daughter Lucia  while she was unknowingly holding up the universal sign for peace. 
Both celebrity men shared the photo because they found amusement in the finger gesture their respective babies’ were holding up when they snapped the pic, not knowing, perhaps or thinking in doing so, they would be de facto advocates for breastfeeding.
In fact, back in 2012,  Eric’s share sparked a bunch of controversy, online discussion and some public shaming of public breast exposure during breastfeeding. If it’s taboo when its seen in the general public, it’s become doubly taboo when shown in social media for many more to see. It’s a topic which we’ve seen come alive again recently when last March 2013, a famous athlete’s model girlfriend did the same thing and was virtually shamed off the web, accused of doing it out of pure vanity, not for the purpose of promoting nursing.
It looks like we may have evolved since 2012 and/or the vocal opponents to such natural images are realizing to keep their trap shut and deal with it and/or the image got buried in all the other news items that have been dominating our minds and news feeds. 
Anyhooo. All are sweet and endearing and we encourage more of this type of sharing by celebs to help destigmatize public breastfeeding. 
Kudos Idris and Winston (and mama Naiyana, of course)! 
Winston is Elba’s second child; he has a daughter, Isan, from a previous marriage to Dormowa Sherma.

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