Kim Kardashian may Soon Be Credited for a Future Twitter Edit Function

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First, Taylor Swift was credited with getting Apple to change its mind about revenue sharing with artists during the three-month FREE trial period on its new streaming service, and maybe soon, Kim Kardashian may be credited with giving us all the edit function on tweets.

Last week, the mom-to-be tweeted that she had asked Twitter to add the ability for users to edit tweets rather than delete them and repost them. Co-founder of the immensely popular social media siteTwitter Jack Dorsey responded to her tweet with, “Good Idea.”



Recall, it has only been since 2013 that users have been able to edit Facebook statuses.

Also, certainly, others have made the request for that function on Twitter before but they are not the highly influential Kim Kardashian are they? Ha! And some people are butt hurt a bit about it too:





Just deal and say,”Thank you, Kim!” LOL!

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