Top 12 Celebrity bumpwatch, parenting & kids sites

Besides BellyitchBlog, where else do many people turn for celebrity bump watch and for photos, news, updates and video of their favorite celebrity moms, dads and their adorable children? Here is a list of the top 12 sites we put together:
  1. Celebrity Babies People Magazine sponsors this amazing website dedicated to the latest news on the celebrity parent front.
  2. BabyRazzi This web blog merges top-tier celebrity gossip coverage with the most adorable pictures of the stars’ little ones.
  3. Celebrity Baby Scoop Where’s the first place you should go in your search to find the brand of diaper exclusively used by Brangelina’s babies? This site might just find your answer.
  4. Black Celeb Kids This popular site is almost exclusively about African-American celebrity and their various outings, excursions, and projects.
  5. Made for Mums This English parenting blog features regular posts on the parenting styles and trials of the world’s rich and famous.
  6. Lil Sugar This site bridges the gap between celebrity sleaze portal and warm-and-fuzzy, mom-centric news offerings.
  7. HuffPost Parents Find the latest baby stories from Nick Cannon and Mariah, Jessica Alba and — yes! — Barbara Walters right here. It was formerly called ParentDish.
  8. Famecrawler Designed with future moms in mind, Famecrawler ensures you a steady stream of precocious, paparazzi-ready baby coverage.
  9. Celebrities at BabyCenter In Hollywood, who spanks and who doesn’t? Who feeds carrots and who splurges on junk food? Find all the starry parenting info you crave here. This is the celeb part of the #1 parenting destination BabyCenter.com.
  10. SheKnows – This is a must go to site for fun and interesting takes on pregnancy. It also has unique stories related to pregnancy and parents from around the world. You can get a healthy dose of celeb pregnancy news here too!
  11. HuffPo Celebrity babies – This popular news and aggregation site has launched its own special section to cover the much buzzed about celebrity kids.
  12. TheBump – Though known best for its parnting communities and birth clubs, this resourceful blog occasionally delves in celebrity bump watch and baby world with fun posts.
Bonus: The UK Daily Mail Online and The Sun papers, both out of UK, are general circulation sites but which each dedicate much coverage to celebrity parents and mums-to-be.

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