9 Signs That You are of Above Average Intelligence

Earlier this year, Business Insider published a list from a summary of various studies which identified certain factors, traits and other things that make a person smart or smarter than others.

They included:

1. Being left handed

2. Being  tall

3. Owning a cat

4. Experimenting with drugs

5. Being an eldest in the family

6. Not smoking

7. Taking music lessons

8. Having a cat.

And in a recent infographic the site shared I noticed it left off one of the important ones we at Bellyitch always hear about:

9. Being breastfed!

Check out the infographic below from the recent piece for explanations on what makes these traits cause for higher IQ in a person:

smarter than average studies

Then consider the left out part from the February version of this piece:

“In two studies of breast-fed infants involving more than 3,000 children in Britain and New Zealand, breastfeeding was found to raise intelligence an average of nearly seven IQ points if the children had a particular version of a gene called FADS2,” Duke University reported in a press release.

That gene version is “involved in the control of fatty acid pathways,” said researcher and University of Illinois-Chicago psychologist Julia Kim-Cohen, and it “may help the children make better use of the breast milk and promote the brain development that is associated with a higher IQ score.”

Figuring out the exact mechanism of this relationship between FADS2, breastfeeding, and IQ will require further study, the scientists noted in their 2007 paper on the finding.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/signs-youre-smarter-than-average-2015-2#ixzz3kM4beF00

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