Kim Kardashian Updates & Puts Morning Sickness Ad back Up

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Today, Kim Kardashian put back up on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram the morning sickness ad that the US Food and Drug Administration made her take down for failure to state the side effects. She added the missing information about the side effects of the drug and the fact it hadn’t been tested on women with the most extreme form of morning sickness

The makers of Diclegis for extreme morning sickness should actually be glad the FDA stepped in. The amount of press the ad got because it was taken down had surpassed the number of people that follow Kim Kardashian on social media.

It harkens back to the old adage about there not being any such thing as bad publicity.

Anyway, one of my family members in her first trimester of pregnancy and she asked a group of us in an online forum for advice, and several people who are not Kim K fans and followers suggested Diclegis, partially because they had seen it discussed in the news related to the take down.  There you go!

Anyway, the family member I’m referencing was also very happy to learn that the side effect to the drug is excess drowsiness because she is already too tired at work, naturally because of the pregnancy. She decided her level of morning sickness is not that severe that she would need to take a drug that would cause additional fatigue.  She is going to try traditional relief remedies first. The drug is for women, for whom, traditional methods like changing diet, eating small mini meals, snacking on almonds, taking peppermint, ginger or eating things like preggie pops or wearing sea bands do not work.

Hence, the family member’s experience also exemplified what FDA warned about….the importance of having full disclosure in ads for pharmaceutical drugs.



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