Here’s How to Connect to Your Child Using his Emotional Intelligence


emotinal intelligence

We’ve all heard of educational games that improve children’s intelligence but with new research scientists are also stating that games can also improve their emotional intelligence.

Playing games with your child is great for them. Playing is the method by which most animals learn social and physical cues which help them reach their potential within the group. Humans are no different.

Our children also learn by playing and they can learn how to express their emotions  through play.

Teaching your children that emotions are constructive and not destructive will help them on their journey to becoming well-rounded adults.

Hugging your child is one of the most clichéd ways to calm them down after they become upset or irate but you can use games to turn their mood around and save you embarrassment in a crowded shopping mall, for example.  Ask for a hug by letting your child know you are running low on hugs. This action shifts up and distracts from whatever annoyance has led to a melt down.  You can even tickle them  and see if you can get them to give you a chuckle.

Mood altering games can help pick up a child who is sad.  Here is an example of one: Start by each selecting a word that you say to your child commanding your kid to repeat after you in the same tone. Start out in a grumpy tone and then move up to a happy and cheery tone. In no time, your child will find herself repeating back in a similar way. As the game progresses start to say it in more of a happier way and they’ll follow, which will start to make your child feel happier as well.

Another great idea for a game we got from Bingosweets is to have some quiet time to recharge by sitting with an iPad or tablet and learning some interesting facts. This time taken away from physical games can help your child unwind calm after a run around and can even be used as some chill out time before bed. You can transform your nightly routine from tears and screaming to a relaxing trip to bed without any tantrums.

Implementing these strategies will help you better manage your child’s emotions for greatest positive impact.


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