My Pre-Schooler Knew How to Read & Do Complex Math Before Kindergarten Thanks to ABCMouse

ABC Mouse

My daughter is in the third grade and is a whiz at spelling, reading, grammar and gets all 100% in math. I credit part of her success at reading and mathematics on an online learning platform that she used religiously from age 4 to 5: ABC Mouse.

In fact, while she was on the program, she was one of the few children in her early childhood education programs who could read. She entered into Kindergarten with a very strong foundation and skills, thanks to that learning platform.

I feel her daily experience with the ABC Mouse online desktop learning system is what has done the trick to get her so comfortable reading.

When I purchased access to the program at an introductory rate of $4.95 back then, I was only planning to give it just a trial run. I stuck with it because I was very pleased with my daughter’s progress.

It also was a great supplement to the education she was getting at her pre school. Interestingly enough, her Early Childhood Education Center also uses ABC Mouse as well. It has over 350 lessons and 6 levels.

Plus! That means she’s getting a reinforcement of the lessons there too

The interactive online program has a teacher that walks through various lessons taught through fun games. The child is able to create an avatar that closely resembles what she or he looks like.

After completing a task, she is awarded points/currency that she can use to buy digital gifts with in a fun store.

ABC Mouse:

  •  Helps your child learn reading, phonics, and math in a fully interactive environment.
  • Helps your child develop a love of learning at an early age.
  • Helps your child gain essential learning skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Builds your child’s educational foundation before entering school.
  • Prepares your child with these essential reading and math skills to succeed in school.
  • Gives your child an educational head start before entering school.
  • Allows your child to learn at his or her own pace.

My daughter loved it and asked to log on. She played with the games in favor of watching TV!

I highly recommend you consider it for your child.  I love it so much, I now encourage all my friends with young children to give it a try and partnered up with ABC Mouse to promote its top ranked product widely to other parents.


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