Instagram Trolls Body Shamed Chrissy Teigen’s Baby Bump into Hiding…but Not Forever

chrissy and john legend

Chrissy Teigen got in her feelings recently when she shared her first bump photo on Instagram and got roasted in the comments. “Somebody is early to the party” she captioned her Instagram photo. Teigen and her husband singer/songwriter John Legend are expecting their first child after years of struggling to conceive.

Somebody is early to the party ???

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Most of her followers responded to how “big” her tiny bump was.  Some news outlets ran with stories suggesting she was pregnant with twins or triplets because she had “popped” so early in her pregnancy given that 13-week pregnancies usually don’t show many signs of a bump. The critical feedback led the model to tweet that she would no longer be talking about her pregnancy.

She also confirmed that she is only carrying one child.


But even she recognized that she is getting a bit back from her sharp tongue in the past when she used to constantly engage in Twitter beef with her fans. It’s Karma, she tweeted later, seemingly insinuating she was over the hurt feelings and admitting that she used to poke fun of round body parts of her friends plenty before getting pregnant.

Yeah, we don’t think she will resist giving up some bump love along the next few months. Ignore the haters, girl.  Embrace the positive feedback which usually outnumbers the critics but always get outshined by the naysayers.

h/t Redbook

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