Social Media Buzz: MTV Teen Mom2 Star Leah Messer loses Custody of Twins

leah messer kids and jeremy

Last week, Leah Messer star of MTV reality TV show Teen Moms 2,  lost custody of her twin girls, Ali and Aleeah to their dad Corey Simms. The couple were awarded 50/50 joint custody in 2013, according to reports. However, Simms cited plead for full custody and won it, according to reports. The judge revoked all custody after the girls’ school records indicated consistent tardy arrivals.

Messer was initially on the show 16 & Pregnant and then went on to become a full cast member of Teen Mom franchise that spun off from that and has been on Teen Mom2 for several seasons.

I don’t follow the stars of this show much, but it was trending on Twitter and Facebook all day today, so I figured I should mention it for those of you who don’t keep up with trending topics and have been following the behind the scenes lives of these folks in the off season. We last featured her when she gave birth to her third child, daughter, Addie, with then husband Jeremy Calvert (above).

Reports indicate he will be seeking full time custody of now 2-year old Addie.

Tough break. I do hope this jolt will be the kick she needs to improve her life so she can regain some custody. That’s got to be hard on a mom.


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