#KissAndContribute: Your Instagram Post Equals A $10 (RED) Donation

kiss and contribute

Today, you can contribute to AIDS research and help an HIV+ pregnant woman avoid passing on the disease to her unborn baby.

All you have to do is Kiss.

(RED) the AIDS awareness and research support organization created by U2 lead singer Bono has teamed up with Queen guitarist, Brian May, to encourage people to #KissAndContribute on Instagram.

Simply share a “Kissing Selfie” on Instagram with the hashtag #KISSANDCONTRIBUTE and Fresh will donate $10 to (RED)’s fight against AIDS up to $10,000. That $10 amounts to 30 days of lifesaving medication.  It can help someone living with HIV and prevent an HIV+ pregnant woman from passing on the virus to her unborn baby.

Do it today thru Monday, February 15!!

May’s song “The Kissing Me Song” featuring Kerry Ellis is the promo video for the campaign. Check it out and Kiss and Contribute this weekend!!


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