After Parenting 6 Kids at Age 40, Tiny Explains Why This Pregnancy is Different

tameka cottle harris

Compared to her previous pregnancies and other kids ,VH1 Reality TV star Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris is going to raise her 7th child a whole lot differently.

And it will start in the womb, the petite mom-to-be explained in a recent interview with Rolling Out.

For one, her husband, rapper T.I. [real name Clifford Joseph Harris] is reading to the baby while in her womb and she is doing a lot more reading about pregnancy, child birth and rearing.

“It’s different,” Cottle-Harris told the site. “With all the other kids, [T.I.] was there and involved and there with me. But this one is a little different.”

She credits maturity for the growth. “[T.I.]’s not afraid to go all out the box and do things like singing to the baby and reading to the baby… So, I had to make sure I’m reading to the baby, so I went and bought all these books, and we’re just about done with those books, so I need more books.”

The former talk show host said she also plans to take her baby with her on the road and credits our other Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum, Tamera Mowry-Housley for her decisiosn.

“I went to The Real  and Tamer always has her little baby there,” Cottle-Harris said. “And I’m like, yeah, I’m going to be doing that one day, you know going to work and having my little one with me.”

She also explained to the magazine why she considers the number 7 to be lucky for her.

Well, seven is like my favorite number. For one, I’m born in the month of seven. My birthday is 7/14, so I write 7/ 7, 7, which makes up 14. It’s the number of God. And it’s my seventh child. So, you know it means a lot. I’m very big on numbers and seven is my number.

And guess what? Currently, she is in her seventh month of pregnancy! It works!

T.I. and Tiny are expecting their third child together. The couple currently parents six kids.

h/t Black Celeb Kids

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