Take the Anxiety Out of Public Breastfeeding with these 3 Solid Tips!

mom and baby

Breastfeeding in public can be STRESS-FUL and  can cause anxiety in many new mothers. But it doesn’t have to. The key is to ease the pressure is to  prepare for the moments. Here are three awesome tips from fellow mom blogger Carrie Willard on how to breastfeed in public like a pro!

1. Nurse at the first signs of hunger. A nursing baby generally draws less attention than a screaming one! So latch your baby on as soon as you notice that s/he is hungry…rooting, sucking on fist, grimacing face, etc. A crying baby also makes you nervous and you and baby may take longer to get latched on comfortably.

2. Bring a book or large purse to set in your lap for camouflage. Your diaper bag would also work. Set it in front of baby on your knees while you latch baby on. Or hold a book so that your baby’s head and your breast are out of view.

3. Practice latching your baby on quickly and discreetly in front of a mirror at home, so that you know how to do it without anyone really noticing when you’re out and about.

Good luck moms!

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