These Provocative Breastfeeding Support Ads from Brazil are Turning Stomachs


A new Brazilian public awareness campaign about safe breastfeeding is rubbing a few people the wrong way.

The Brazilian Pediatric Society of Rio Grande, SPRS, created a series of visual posters of women breastfeeding their child with one breast in the image of an item of food considered junk. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight how a woman’s nutrition during pregnancy can have lasting effects on her child’s health. We love them.


However, we noticed that the spots were circulated on social media and sparked a lot of dialogue. In one instance, a mom remarked on a Facebook page that showcased the ad that that the adverts were insensitive and an overreaction because one glass of coke, for example, won’t necessarily harm your baby.

Well… that is another perspective. People can indulge without going overboard. We are firm believers in the “cheat day”.

In fact, these ads remind us of these other controversial ads we discussed on the blog before, like these created to discourage women from drinking alcohol while pregnant:


beer ad

What do you think?

src adverts


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