Why YourShould Give Your Baby a Massage Regulalry (and How VIDEOS)

I am a firm believer in giving infants and newborns massages. They are beneficial for several reasons.

Colic: a baby who is fussy, gassy, irritable and cries a lot can be soothed with a gentle massage. The massage can also work to break up any gas that may have built up in Baby’s Belly.

Bond: there is power and magic in touch. A gentle massage is a great way for a parent or caregiver to connect spiritually, emotionally and physically with baby. It also helps build trust.

Comfort: everyone loves the gentle pressure and stress relief that come from a massage even babies. You’ll see baby start to coo, smile, close her eyes and signal that she is enjoying the massage.

There are other benefits but if you would like to see an example of how to do it, check out these two videos including one I did a few years ago.


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