2018 Declutter: 7 Ways to Make Money Off Of Your Stuff

As you clean  your home, know that you can convert some of the stuff you don’t want to use  and even the space in your attic and garage into cash that you can stash into your rainy day fund or to supplement your household income. Also, time! If you work from home, part time or have a business, there are ways to use your time and vehicle to make money.

We discovered 7 apps that can be used to help you earn money off of your stuff!

Urbansitter is the perfect money-making app for the parent with kids who’ve outgrown their playroom. Sign up and you’ll be put in tough with thousands of potetnial babysitting and nannying jobs

Studypool lets you pull in teaching money from teh comfort of your own home computer. The site lets you connect with students all over the world looking for tutors.

Bookscouter will turn that bookshelf full of unread books into a potential treasure trove! Just scan your books’ barcodes with your smartphone and Bookscouter will give you a list of buyback companies that will pay for your pages.

Airbnb will let you give traveling tourists a place to rest their heads and help you make a little money in the process. AirBnB allows you to rent out any spare guest room just like a hotel.

Uber/Lyft Turn your ar into a taxi service

Pawn Guru– This app will connect you to local pawn shops in your area

Just Park -connects you with drivers in your area looking for a place to put their car. Rent your driveway or yard out to them like a parking garage.

Rover – get paid to be among one of this app’s top premiere dog walkers or sitters.  Or if you need the services, here is $25 to use towards your first booking!

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