Fight Your Kid’s Summer Brain Drain With This Online Learning Platform

I’ve boasted plenty about this online learning platform for kids and wanted to make sure you knew about ABCMouse.com‘s Memorial Day sale that will end tomorrow at midnight.

I purchased a subscription for my daughter when she was 4 and she followed the curriculum through the end. Today, she is a top reader, tests in the 99% for reading and gets all As in school. I credit her early start from this program which is having a sale for 12 months of the service for $45 which is 63% off its annual fee.

This is perfect equalizer for those who cannot afford to pay a tutor for their child like some of the most affluent among us.

ABC Mouse is used in schools and many early learning centers around the nation and globe!

As school lets out, buying this will be a great way to fight Summer brain drain. get it now:

Get 1 year for only $45 - Over 60% off!

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