15 Laptop Covers I’m Obsessing Over Right Now

I think I’m going to get this Art Skin cover for the Lenovo laptop I got for Christmas.

But while I was surfing for the perfect skin, I bumped into a bunch of other fun skins I liked and thought I’d share with you all.

Whether you have a MacBook, ChromeBook, HP or Dell laptop, there is a skin out there for you starting at $5.00 on Amazon.com . You could also get decals and logo for the area next to the mouse pad too!

Anyway, here are my faves:

For Superhero fans of DC Comics ($9.32)

Or Marvel Avengers Fans ($9.32)

For the Coffee lover MacBook ($13.41)

For the Art Fan ($9.95)

For Music Lovers or DJs($3.91)

For Van Gogh Fans ($9.32)

For Cat Lovers ($3.91)

For Book Lovers – $19.99

Or this one for Bookworms

For Tech Nerds ($2.99)

For Fans of New York City ($9.99)

For the Cartoon Fan ($9.99)

For Science and Math Nerds ($9.32)

For the Hipster ($9.99)

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