5 Quick Ways To Wear Red This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s day if you are pregnant and heading out to lunch or dinner with your honey, here are a few fashion accessories inspirations for spicing up your look and for getting festive for the day of love that does not require you actually wearing the color red in your choice of clothing because, how cliche, right?!


1. You can go with a large faux or natural red flower in the hair like Miss Victory Violet above especially if you cannot pull off fire-engine red hair like most of us cannot do. 

2. Red Nails can get your partner feeling hot for you…

3. A red scarf wrapped as a winter layer or part of your outfit is a great way to add spark …

4. A red lip is so sultry and sweet….

5. And so is a red bag because it is loud and stands out…so fiery!

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