What to Do If You’re Involved In A Car Accident While Pregnant

There at 170,000 car collision accidents in the U.S. involved pregnant women in 2018, according to a study by researchers at the University of Michigan. While some of these collisions were deemed as minor accidents, some of these cases were more severe.

It is one of the risks that pregnant women need to watch out for while on the road. But being pregnant should not stop you from hopping on a car to reach your destination. As a matter of fact, riding a car to go to your dream babymoon destinations  different parts of the country can be more convenient than flying.

Just make sure that you are following these helpful tips while on the road in case you met an accident before reaching the end of your journey.

Go Straight to The Nearest Hospital

Go The most logical step that pregnant women must immediately do after a car crash is to see a medical practitioner. According to legal experts from FVF Law, having a doctor check a person’s condition after a car crash is the most ideal way to rule out the possible injuries sustained during the accident.

The doctors will start monitoring the pregnant woman and her baby to check for fetal distress as well as other possible problems through different lab procedures.

Talk To The Obstetrician

The pregnant woman must also inform her obstetrician while on her way to the hospital. The specialist should be kept in the loop regarding all the treatments that the victim must undergo since the doctor will be the one to take care of her and the baby. If the victim and the unborn child is still fine, then the obstetrician can take over and provide the necessary follow-up care until the due date.

The specialist will also provide all the necessary information regarding the victim’s pregnancy and the accident. This is needed to file for claims later on.

Hire A Legal Counsel

If the pregnant woman will demand claims due to the car accident, then she must have a lawyer by her side to help her with the case. The experienced lawyer can take over all the stressful tasks of filing for claims to ensure the safety of the mother and the baby.

The lawyer will take care of all the investigations and talk to the insurance companies. He or she may also coordinate with the doctor and the hospital to get pieces of evidence for the claims.

This is very necessary since the pregnant woman needs all the time to recuperate and heal from the injuries in order to care for the life inside her womb.

Once a pregnant woman receives the go signal from the medical experts for release, she still needs to watch out for signs of possible after-effects.

These include vaginal bleeding, premature contractions or other kinds of abdominal pain, or unusual fluid leaks. She must also observe if the baby’s movements suddenly decreased.

If any of these signs appeared, then she needs to return to the doctor immediately to get the best treatments.

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