24 Weatherproof Shoes Disguised As Chic Black Boots

Once upon a time, the Little Black Dress  (LBD)was a necessity, today Chic Black Boots are also a necessity! Here are 24 Weatherproof Shoes Disguised as Chic Black Boots.

We’ll defend a pair of Ugg snow boots to the end of time, but some days we don’t want to stash galoshes under our desks. So what do we do?

FInd a pair of shoes that can do both—stand the weather and look sleek and stylish while doing so. Brands like Aquatalia and La Canadienne specialize in weatherproof footwear discreetly designed as normal boots, except they can handle a slushy commute without sacrificing style.

Here, 24 surprisingly chic options to wear this winter.


DKNY Darcy Lace-Up Waterproof Booties


This faux fur-trimmed boot is water resistant. 

Muck Boots Co.

Liberty Alpine Supreme


The fuzzy lining of this boot will keep you warm during the worst storm. 

Hunter Original

Insulated Commando Boots


This combat boot will fool everything this season. 

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