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Death Row Inmate impregnates Herself with Sperm Purchased from fellow Prisoner 

You can’t make this stuff up.

A death row inmate in Vietnam was able to escape her death sentence by getting pregnant with sperm of a fellow prisoner that she later inseminated into herself.

Nguyen Thi Hue was sentenced to death in 2014 after losing an appeal to a 2012 conviction for drug trafficking.

The 42-year old convict convinced a 27-year old fellow inmate at her Quang Ninh province prison to sell his sperm to her for $2,300 (£1,600), the state-owned Thanh Nien newspaper reported.

The male prisoner passed over syringes twice to Hue in August 2015 and as a result of successful insemination, Hue is now due this April.

Now, her sentence is expected to be converted to life imprisonment because she has a child under three years old.

Vietnamese law prohibits execution of mothers with children under 3 years of age. Under the law, Hue’s sentence will get commuted to life imprisonment.

Hue probably got the idea after reading up on another case back in 2007 where two prison guards in the northern province of Hoa Binh were jailed after they allowed a female inmate on death row to get pregnant with a male inmate, the paper said.

So many questions. Where did she get all that money from? Are female and male prisoners in the same facility? How did they exchange money for product?

The answers probably lie with the four guards suspended for negligence after Hue pulling this amazing stunt off.

The Chutzpah, eh!? Wow!


Study: Women with Asthma Suffer more Infertility


Asthma in women maybe linked to a prolonged time to pregnancy and a decreased birth rate, according to a new study.

Researchers studied 245 women with unexplained fertility problems aged between 23 and 45 years. They underwent asthma and allergy testing and questionnaires during their fertility treatment. As many as 96 women in the study had either an existing doctor’s diagnosis of asthma or were diagnosed with asthma when they entered the study.

The researchers from Bispebjerg University Hospital in Denmark monitored the women during their fertility treatment for a minimum of 12 months, until they had a successful pregnancy, stopped treatment or the observation ended. The results found that the median total time to pregnancy was 32.2 months in non-asthmatic women and 55.6 months in those with asthma.

Women with asthma also had fewer successful conceptions – 39.6 per cent achieved pregnancy in the asthmatic women compared with 60.4 per cent in the women without asthma. The results also found this trend was more apparent as

the women got older.

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#KissAndContribute: Your Instagram Post Equals A $10 (RED) Donation

kiss and contribute

Today, you can contribute to AIDS research and help an HIV+ pregnant woman avoid passing on the disease to her unborn baby.

All you have to do is Kiss.

(RED) the AIDS awareness and research support organization created by U2 lead singer Bono has teamed up with Queen guitarist, Brian May, to encourage people to #KissAndContribute on Instagram.

Simply share a “Kissing Selfie” on Instagram with the hashtag #KISSANDCONTRIBUTE and Fresh will donate $10 to (RED)’s fight against AIDS up to $10,000. That $10 amounts to 30 days of lifesaving medication.  It can help someone living with HIV and prevent an HIV+ pregnant woman from passing on the virus to her unborn baby.

Do it today thru Monday, February 15!!

May’s song “The Kissing Me Song” featuring Kerry Ellis is the promo video for the campaign. Check it out and Kiss and Contribute this weekend!!


Chinese Baby Survived 15 hours in a Morgue; Awoke before Cremation

Call it a miracle. A newborn baby in China who had been pronounced dead and was in a morgue for 15 hours suddenly awoke, hours before scheduled to be cremated.

A worker at the Pan’an funeral home in Xiuana, China pulled the infant out of the negative 12 degrees celcius refrigerator for cremation only to hear the baby begin to cry.

The baby boy called Lu was apparently delivered prematurely at the 7th month of his mom’s pregnancy in a hospital in Zhejiang, a a coastal province in southeastern China.

Lu’s dad took him out of his incubator a week before doctors recommended only to later lose his color at home, and rushed back to the hospital where he deteriorated and eventually was pronounced dead by hospital pediatrician Dr Chen Shuanghua. The doc said the baby had no heartbeat and was not breathing.

That evening, around 6pm, the dad wrapped the baby in a cloth and took him to the funeral home where he was placed in the morgue for cremation.

But Lu, the fighter, was not planning to stay there forever. Miraculous!

What a story, eh?

h/t UK Telegraph


How this Husband & Wife App Development Team will Help Jessica Alba’s Honest Co’s IPO

wong and casey IPO alt12 and Honest com alba

The Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba‘s holistic and organic baby products company, The Honest Company is set for its IPO (initial public offering) soon, speculators say. A husband and wife-founded pregnancy and parenting apps company will be integral to Honest’s IPO launch and future growth.

Here’s the backstory.

Back in 2009, a then pregnant Jennifer Wong and her husband Casey Sackett realized there was a void in available apps for expectant mothers. The duo created BabyBump, a pregnancy and social network app for expectant mothers.  The couple eventually expanded the portfolio to include PinkPad, a menstrual and fertility tracker. and  Kidfolo, a parenting social network.  BabyBump reached 8 million downloads in 2013. The combined apps are run under the couple’s StartUp called  alt12 and today boast 4.5 million downloads across the entire portfolio of apps. After growing such tremendous database of users, Aydin Senkut‘s Felicis Ventures got participation from InterWest Partners and Ron Gutman, an investor form HealthTap to help alt12 raise $1.26 million in seed funding.

Last year, Alba’s Honest company quietly acquired alt12. After the acquisition, PinkPad which used to cost $1.99-$2.99 and a paid $3.99 version of BabyBump all became FREE.  The married couple now run mobile at Honest Co and as of January 2015, Wong is Head of Mobile Apps there and Sackett is Head of Mobile Apps Engineering.

As the sleuths at MobileHealthNews.com hypothesize, Honest co will be looking to exploit what alt12 brought to the table: its Sliprose technology platform.  That technology marries social networking with social commerce, tracking and analytics: “Native mobile storefront with personalized recommendations based on deep life stage and peer-to-peer engagement.”

So in other words, similar to how UnderArmour purchased MyFitnessTracker and Endomondo to sell their apparel to the download users, Honest Co too will be looking to push its products to the BabyBump, PinkPad and Kidfolo users.

Genius!!!  Can’t wait to see all this come into fruition as there are valuable lessons to be learned from this all for appreneaurs and other startup founders in the Health app market.

photo: mic


People were Really Upset with These 2 Babies-Related Super Bowl 50 Commercials?

doritos nfl superbowl 50 commercials

Wait! Recall the two funny pregnancy & babies related Super Bowl commercials we previewed here at Bellyitch?

Well, people were spooked by the NFL’ Super Bowl Babies choir and an abortion-rights group was upset at the Doritos commercial for humanizing fetuses.

Okay. First, let’s discuss the NFL ad featuring people who were born 9 months after their parents’ team won the Super Bowl, singing to the tune of Seal‘s “Kiss From A Rose”.

I thought it was a fun spot but I admit, it does conjure up the thought of these people’s parents having unprotected sex, whether purposefully or out of a drunken blissful euphoria of their team winning the Super Bowl or otherwise.

But, I think you quickly get over that fact and then focus on the adorable Seattle Seahawks babies crying instead of singing. Right?

Check out the ad HERE.

NARAL, the National Abortion Rights Action League,  on the other hand, was upset with the Doritos commercial of the dad munching on the Doritos while his wife and his wife gets upset, but in the meanwhile, the baby is also grabbing for the Doritos and goes for it after the wife grabs the bag from her husband’s hand and flings it across the room.

See it here

NARAL is upset that showing an ultrasound humanizes a late term fetuses.

“#NotBuyingIt — that @Doritos ad using #antichoice tactic of humanizing fetuses & sexist tropes of dads as clueless & moms as uptight. #SB50,” NARAL tweeted.

Okay. I’m not sure if this entire organization is made up of people who have never had children before but…um…that is what happens when first time (or 2nd or 3rd time) parents see when they go to an ultrasound appointment: their human child.

What the heck did NARAL expect to show in that setting? Would the org prefer they show a motionless fetus? Did they want the ultrasound to feature a chicken? What in the world?

People refer to their almost-born baby in the womb as a baby. A human baby.

I’m sorry. That’s a dumb tweet!

What do you think?

This Hilarious First Ultrasound Commercial is a Doritos Super Bowl Finalist


I was happy to see a pregnancy-related commercial made it as a finalist in Doritos’ annual competition where it challenges everyone to produce the commercial it will present for the first time during the Super Bowl.

Among the finalists is this humorous commercial Australian Peter Carstairs from Perth created which takes us to the first ultrasound. The dad is munching on Doritos in the middle of their first ultrasound, mom gets irate, but it turns out,  the baby looks like it wants some too….


Brazil’s Strict Abortion Laws Revisited because of Zika Virus


The surging medical reports of babies being born with unusually small heads during the Zika epidemic in Brazil are igniting a fierce debate over the country’s abortion laws, which make the procedure illegal under most circumstances.

Legal scholars in Brasília, the capital, are preparing a case to go before Brazil’s highest court, saying pregnant women should be permitted to have abortions when their fetuses are found to have abnormally small heads, a condition known as microcephaly that Brazilian researchers say is linked to the virus.

A judge in central Brazil has taken the rare step of publicly proclaiming that he will allow women to have legal abortions in cases of microcephaly, preparing the way for a fight over the issue in parts of the country’s labyrinthine legal system.

And here in Recife, the Brazilian city hit hardest by the increase in microcephaly and the brain damage that often comes with it, abortion rights activists are seizing on the crisis to counter conservative lawmakers who have long wanted to make Brazil’s abortion laws — already among the most stringent in Latin America — more restrictive.

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photo: Johan Ordonez/AFP/Getty Images


The NFL Put Babies Conceived After a Super Bowl in a Choir in this Fun Promo

super bowl babies 12
So…the NFL wants you to know the Super Bowl has been getting couples to procreate since forever and to prove it, the league got all the “Super Bowl babies” together in a choir.

superbowl gif 4

In a promo leading up to this Sunday’s big game, Super Bowl 50,  between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, the National Football League released this fun YouTube spot different sets of choirs.

super bowl babies 1

Each group consists of babies through adults who were all conceived shortly after a Super Bowl.

super bowl gif

Interspersed between shots of the various choirs set at their respective city are flashback images of parents jumping for joy at Super Bowl parties and hugging each other up, a prelude for conception-related celebration to come. It is set to Seal’s famous “Kiss From a Rose” song and it even has Seal in it! Brilliant!


Love it! Check it out:

The UK Greenlights Designer Baby Research but Not For What You Think


Today, regulators in Great Britain granted permission for researchers to begin genetically modifying human embryos.

When many people think of genome editing, one think of movies like Gattaca and people toying around with pre-determined characteristics in order to create babies with ideal traits, eye color, hair color, abilities and such. There are tons of ethical and moral concerns.


But the Francis Crick Institute in London plans to study the embryos for 14 days in order to try to figure out why some embryos result in a miscarriage and others grow until term. The European nation’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) approved the plans proposed by stem cell scientist Kathy Niakan.

The group will use leftover embryos donated from IVF couples and study a single cell til it grows to about 250 cells.

Niakan will utilize a genome editing procedure called Crispr-Cas9 to turn genes on and off in early stage human embryos. She will then monitor how the modifications will impact placenta development. This editing procedure permit scientists to make precise DNA changes with the potential to correct faulty genes and treat genetic disorders.

Correcting disorders is one thing. Ethicists fear this technology will soon allow parents to select the traits they want their future kids to have.

After studying the cell growth, the embryos will be destroyed. A couple of years ago the US Food and Drug Administration held hearings to discuss proposals to do the same here but it ultimately was not approved.

There was a lot of outrage over harvesting and growing embryos that will never be implanted in a  woman but instead destroyed. Here you go inserting concerns about the destruction of embryos. And a look a this amazing footage of a very active fetus inside her mom’s womb.


Amazing Footage of Life in the WombWOW. Check out these 4D ultrasounds videos. Life is a miracle!

Posted by Pro-Life Wisconsin on Thursday, August 27, 2015

h/t The Guardian

photo: RedBrick