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Ayesha Curry, Kim K & Amber Rose: Can Social Media Please Just Let Celeb Moms Live? Let’s Recap…

celeb moms

The Internet is back at it again pitting various celebrity moms against one another and putting them in boxes to be judged, analyzed, picked a part and torn down.

This round, after Kim Kardashian infamously posted a nude selfie this week, she got support from the likes of Sharon Osbourne (who posted her own nude selfie) and Christina Milian (who retweeted Kim K’s second nude selfie with the caption “Love Yourself”), but then also criticized by Bette Midler, Piers Morgan and others, including another one of our blog faves P!nk. Conservative media jumped right on it.

In comes a  fellow Bellyitch Bumpwatch alum Amber Rose  who jumped into the fray to call out P!nk for “slut shaming” Kim and of course because Blac Chyna (who recently reportedly broke up with Kim’s brother Rob Kardashian) is ex-besties with Kim and current bffs with Amber, she got dragged into it the mix.

Well we knew that another blog fave, chef and business entrepreneur Ayesha Curry who is married to NBA Basketball star Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors wouldn’t be far behind.

Ayesha trended this morning after someone shared a mini video of her greeting her husband with confetti in the arena tunnel after a tough loss.


And needless to say, people couldn’t handle all that wholesomeness. It was perfect timing with all the Kim K stuff that folks resurrected one of Ayesha’s old tweet from last December where she criticized clothing (not any person), tweeting,” Everyone’s into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matter” and adding, “Just looking at the latest fashion trends. I’ll take classy over trendy any day of the week. ” Now folks are back at it comparing Ayesha Curry with Kim K. le sigh The social media memes have been off the Richter these past weeks.  Young women are declaring whether they are Kim Kardashian, Ayesha Curry or Amber Rose as if…. The common thread in much of this all is that people (mainly men) are characterizing these celeb moms based on their choice of clothing and how they present themselves in the mass or social media and a few choice words they may have tweeted or captioned in a photo.

sexist men
Current mom-to-be Chrissy Teigen even chimed in:


No one knows much about these women, their parenting styles, their intimate thoughts and their personal inside relationships with the people closest to them. We only know what they choose to put out there in the media and share with the world. Granted being a celebrity and major influential figure like these women are, their every move is scrutinized and over analyzed to the point of exhaustion every day.

Nonetheless, from what I see, they each care for their children, show them love often and prioritize them highly, irrespective of any other parts of their lives, they all seem to be great moms. Of course,  I don’t know if the nanny spends more time with their children but it doesn’t appear that way to me, and even if so, who are we to judge?

I do not mean to suggest that the role of mother supersedes all else but it is a very important one that sits high on top of all their other duties, jobs and responsibilities, even as public figures.

I am totally over the penchant of social media and especially misogynistic male bloggers to reduce these four individuals down to carefully crafted caricatures of what makes a model woman/wife/mom to be placed inside a glass box and used as a tool to criticize other women, black feminism, and put their own spin on things.

Meanwhile, Bette, P!nk and any one else critical of Kim K drew the ire of feminist writers. 

But at the end of the day (what a cliché thing to say), it really boils down to labels and boxes that we as a society insist on slapping on women and mothers. It’s not done in a same negative way to men or fathers and that is unfair.

All of this is occurring during the same week of International Women’s Day and smack dab in the middle of Women’s History Month. 

Can’t we all just lay off and live and let live?

I think the website Blavity did a good job summarizing this when the staff wrote in a recent piece, “the lesson of the day is that women are human beings, not adjectives, and not clones of who men deem worthy of their attention. Fall in love with who you fall in love with, and if you haven’t yet, keep your bitterness to yourself.”



Study reinforces Again that Giving Your baby Peanuts REDUCES Allergy Risk

peanut butter

You know how there is this new generation of parents who attempt to raise their kids in super clean and quiet environments and how us old school parents scoff and believe all that does is make kids more susceptible to developing all sorts of allergies and hypersensitive to the point they can never fall asleep unless it is dead silent which is unreasonable in this very loud world we live in?

This applies to the rise of kids with peanut allergies which correlates with the increase in perhaps overly cautious parents.

Well..there is yet another follow up study that says that feeding your kid peanut BEFORE the age of 1 actually lessens the chances of the baby developing a dangerous peanut allergy!

The new study follows up on a “landmark study” where researchers realized that avoidance of a product doesn’t lessen but actually increases likelihood of development of an allergy

“I believe that this fear of food allergy has become a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the food is excluded from the diet and, as a result, the child fails to develop tolerance,”  lead researcher Gideon Lack from King’s College London in the UK, told BBC News.

In the initial experiment, which was published last year, Lack and his team took more than 600 babies that had shown signs of being allergy prone, and split them into two groups – one avoided peanuts altogether, and the other was given small daily doses of peanut mushed up with other foods, to reduce choking risk.

After five years, they found that 17 percent of the children in the avoidance group had developed peanut allergies, compared to only 3.2 percent in the exposure group.

The scientists followed up on 550 of the children from the original study for an additional year, during which time all of them were told to avoid peanuts entirely.

By the end of the sixth year, the allergy rates hadn’t changed – only three of the children who had been fed peanuts as babies developed new allergies during the year off, and by the end of the sixth year, the allergy rates hadn’t changed – only three of the children who had been fed peanuts as babies developed new allergies during the year off, but so did three of the children from the avoidance group.

This follow up research solidified what we know: Peanuts, Dirt, Noise, all that stuff were were exposed to as a kid actually made us more robust, sturdy and less sickly.

Good to have some science to back that up.

VIRAL: Expectant Mom Digitally Adds Deceased Husband into Maternity Shoot

nicole bennett maternityh

Mississippi wife Nicole Bennett and her husband Deonata were scheduled to do a family photo shoot before the arrival of their next daughter, but tragically Deonata passed away unexpectedly two months before Nicole’s due date.

nicole bennett maternity shoot

While mourning the loss of her husband, Nicole decided to keep her husband’s wish (It was his idea to do the shoot in the first place) and she took photos with theri 4-year old son Landen and had her maternity shoot photographer Sidney Conley, digitally add images of Deonata into the tender portraits.

“I wanted to do something special because he’s been there for my son since day one,” Nicole told ABC News. “It’s memories for my son of his father and for my daughter who will never meet her father, it’s memories for her as well.”

late husband

Photographer Sidney Conley said he too was moved by fulfilling Nicole’s wishes.  “Just how I edited [the photos] with him looking down on them, it’s showing that he’s making sure they’re okay,” Conley said.

The story and photos from the shoot have been shared widely online and in social media over the past few days.

They are indeed bittersweet and heartwarming.

photos: Sidney Conley

Experts: Parents are Risking Kids’ Health for Dreams of Pro-Sports Fame 

 The number of children playing team sports is falling, with experts blaming a parent-driven focus on elite travel clubs, specialization in one sport and pursuit of scholarships for hurting the country’s youth sports leagues.

Baseball, basketball, softball, soccer and touch football — long staples of American childhood — have all taken hits, worrying public health advocates, league organizers and professional sports organizations.

More than 26 million children ages 6 to 17 played team sports in 2014, down nearly 4 percent from 2009, according to a widely cited survey by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. Total sports played have plummeted by nearly 10 percent.

Some of the drop-off is attributable to the recession, particularly in low-income urban areas. But experts fear larger socioeconomic forces are in play, especially in the suburbs, where the shift to elite competition over the past two decades has taken a growing toll: Children are playing fewer sports, and the less talented are left behind in recreational leagues with poor coaching, uneven play and the message that they aren’t good enough. Seventy percent of kids quit sports by age 13.

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Eco Friday: The Numbers behind Global Food Waste (INFOGRAPHIC)


Subconsciously, we waste food every day. Each time we take too large a heaping of mashed potatoes or extra servings we don’t eat, we wast food.  This casual disposal of leftover is common world wide and contributes to global food waste.

But there are things we can do to reduce waste like shopping responsibly and cooking in smaller portions. Here is an infographic that goes into the dilemma of food waste and offers suggestions on being a personal catalyst change agent.

food waste

Viral Video: Woman surprises Husband with Pre-Flight Pregnancy Announcement



airline pregnancy announcement

A Pennsylvania woman surprised her husband with an airplane pregnancy announcement with the help of airline personnel recently.  On a flight to visit friends with her husband Eric, Lisa Sadiwnyk took two pregnancies in the airplane restroom, both which turned up positive. Having the strength of being able to keep a secret, Sadiwnyk didn’t tell Eric but instead contacted the airline crew and asked them to help her announce the pregnancy during the flight home.

Once on the plane home, the pilot came on the PA and asked the other passengers to get their cameras ready.

“We’ll have a little fun here,” the pilot’s message began.

“I’d like to turn your attention to seat 29-E where you’ll find Eric who is traveling with his wife Lisa,” the message continued.

That’s when Eric turned to his wife with a shocked look at his face.

“Well Eric, although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did strike the jackpot,” the pilot said. “Congratulations! You’re about to be a dad.”

As passengers clapped, Eric smiled and leaned in to kiss his wife.

His wife gave a big “thank you” to the crew for helping to pull off the surprise.

Just as the video came to an end, you could see Eric wipe away a tear.

Check it out  the video here which Lisa posted on her Facebook page.  This happened on the American Airlines Flight 607  on January 13, 2016 but she probably had to wait for the requisite 3-month period before posting the video which has gone viral.

h/t  Fox 8 News 

Hey, I just started a Blogging Academy, First Courses are FREE! Check it out!

digital publishing academy

Hey guys. So, it’s not like I don’t already have a million things to do running 4 active blogs, managing my household while trying to stay sane but…I have launched a digital publishing academy dedicated to training future, new and current active bloggers.

It is a labor of love but I love sharing the wisdom I’ve gained in over 10 years of blogging and over 20 years in the digital online content creation and curation space. Plus, I enjoy this stuff tremendously and am geeked about creating a platform for passing on some of my passion of blogging!

If you’d like to take a look at check out the Digital Publishing Academy HERE!

I am starting the academy with a suite of 4 FREE lunchtime courses that will begin this Friday! And even if you cannot make it, simply registering will give you access to a replay for a week! Sweet, eh?

And if blogging, website management and the like is not your thing, tell a friend, would ya? Thanks! I’d be forever indebted in gratitude!! <3




50 Leap Year Freebies & Deals including 10 just for ‘Leap Year Babies’

february 29

There are 187,000 leap year babies currently living the United States and since their birthdays only come around once every four years, several brands and companies use the opportunity to celebrate these special babies by offering them freebies!

Others have jumped on the wagon and extended offers to the rest of us, who equally are happy to get one extra day in February because, ‘why not’?

Here are 10 freebies just for Leap Year babies and 40 deals for the rest of us.

1. Benny’s Chop House (Chicago): Guests with Leap Day birthdays receive a complimentary 8 oz. filet mignon on 2/29/2016, for parties of 2 or more.

2. Great American CookiesLeap year babies  get a free cookie cake to celebrate your birthday if you have an ID to prove you were born on February 29.

3. Holsteins -Guests with Leap Day birthdays receive a free Birthday Cake Bamboozled Milkshake and a Classic Burger with proof of ID on 2/29/2016.

4. Houlihan’s:All customers with Leap Day birthdays can have one free entree on Monday, Feb. 29, and that’s only the start. Leap Day babies are welcomed to 28 additional free entrees–one per visit–over the following 30-day period, for a possible total of 29 free entrees. Bring photo ID with proof of DOB.

5. Olive Garden –If your birthday is Feb. 29, use the linked coupon for four free “Dolcini” desserts, valid for dine-in orders at Olive Garden restaurants from Feb. 29 to March 6.

  1.  McAlister’s Deli: Show an ID proving that you’re a Leap Baby born on February 29 and you’ll get a free cookie on Monday.

7. Hard Rock Cafe: Is giving away a free meal for anyone celebrating their birthday.

8. Pizza Hut: Anyone who shows a valid government-issued photo ID proving they were born on Leap Day will get a free, one-topping Personal Pan Pizza from Pizza Hut. The deal is for carryout only.

9The Plaza Hotel (New York): Guests with Leap Day birthdays can receive a special $229 package, rate only valid for 2/29/2016.

10. Villa Italian Kitchen: Guests with Leap Day birthdays receive a complimentary slice of pizza at participating locations on 2/29/2016.


1. VerizonCoupon code VZWDEAL will save you up to $50 off select smartphones through Feb. 29. New device payment is required and upgrades are excluded.

2. Frontier Airlines: $29 flights to select cities. Must book by 2/26, 2/29 or 3/2

3. Caribou Coffee: Buy one beverage and get the second for just 29 cents on Leap Day.

4. Chick-fil-A– Check with your local Chick-fil-A, but we’ve caught wind that some locations are offering free chicken sandwiches if you stop by 29 minutes past the hour all day on February 29.

5. Legal Sea FoodGet two one-pound lobsters (and two sides) for $29. (Typically, a one-pound lobster at the restaurant costs $25.95.)

6. Dell Refurbished ComputersTake $600 off servers of $2000 or more with code SERVER$600 through Feb. 29.

7. Aeropostale: Extra 29% off your order with code LEAP29.

8. Airport Express Get 20% off shared-ride shuttle services.

9. Betsey Johnson: Take 29% off your order with coupon code LEAP and have it shipped to you for free. Some exclusions apply.

10. Urban Outfitters: Shop a selection of products priced at $29 or less.


11. CheapOAir: Use code GETAWAYS30 to save up to $30 on Getaway Vacations through Feb. 29.

12. Destination Hotels: Make reservations on Feb. 29 to receive 29% (or more) off room rates in the weeks ahead, and/or $29 daily credits at this group’s hotels, which include locations in Snowmass, Colorado, San Francisco, and New Orleans.

13. Marriott Stanton South Beach: On Feb. 29 use the code ADP when making reservations to get 29% off rates for stays between March 3 and May 31.

14. Travelocity: Get $29 off a $229 hotel with the code LEAP29 and $129 off a $1229 hotel + flight deal with the code LEAP129.

15. Arby’s: The fast food chain is offering a special vegetarian menu all day.

16. Carrabba’s Italian Grill: Get any small plate for $2.29 with every $10 spent with this coupon. Or you could receive 20% off your check with this coupon.

17. Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & MoreGet a free Leap Year 2016 t-shirt at any of the retailers participating locations on Feb. 29 — no purchase required.

18. Columbia Sportswear: Save 30% on select sale items with code COLSALE30, ends 2/29/2016.

19. Dog Haus: Free patty upgrade from a single to a double on all burgers on February 29! A $2.49 value.

20. Honeybaked Ham: Free or discounted sandwich on 2/29/2016.

21. Hungry Howie’sGet a large, one-topping pizza for 29 cents with the purchase of a large pizza with one or more toppings at its regular price, Feb. 29 and March 1.

22. Krispy Kreme: On Monday, February 29, 2016, buy a dozen Original Glazed doughnuts and get a second dozen for $2.99.

23. Margaritas Mexican RestaurantsThe Fried Ice Cream Dessert (normally $6.49) and the Leap Year Margarita (normally $7.99) are both $2.29.

24. Noodles & Company: Save $4 off a $10 purchase with code LEAPTHELINE on 2/29/2016 when you order online.

25. Olive GardenReceive four free Dolcini desserts with coupon offer, valid from 2/29/2016-3/6/2016.

26. Starbucks$29 Off Orders $100 on 2/29/2016.

27. Tropical Smoothie Café: Loyalty program members can get a a Classic Smoothie for $2.29, instead of its regular price of around $4.49, at its 465 locations.

28. Dollar GeneralUse code FEBSAVE to get $5 off orders of $50 or more through Feb. 29.

29. Folica: Use code LEAPYEAR16 to get 25% off Solia, Theorie, Nth Degree and AbsoluteHeat products or 30% off Sedu products through Feb. 29.

30. Foot Locker: Use code LKS16F3L to save 15% on purchases of $70 or more through Feb. 29.

31. The Greene Turtle Chow down on 29-cent wings all day on February 29.

32. Golfsmith: Take $20 off orders of $125 or more with code 86PUB022 through Feb. 29.

33. Lands’ EndThis coupon will save you 20% off regularly priced swim merchandise at all Sears locations through Feb. 29.

34. Lane Bryant: Save $35 off your online purchases of $150 or more, plus free shipping, through Feb. 29  with coupon code FEBDRTLB.

35. LidsEnjoy free shipping on orders of $50 or more through Feb. 29. No coupon code required.

36. MOOGet 15% off greeting cards with code 7C2W8B through Leap Day for new customers only.

37. OneHanesPlaceSave $10 off purchases of $50 or more through Feb. 29 with this printable coupon or follow this link to have the discount automatically applied to your online order.

38. OshKosh B’goshSave 25% off orders of $40 or more with code CARU2F29 and 15 percent off site wide with code CARU2F19 through Feb. 29.

39. Target$5 gift card with an online movie pre-order of Mockingjay Part 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, or The Peanuts Movie from Target.com/preorder through Monday 2/29/2016.

40. Urban Outfitters: Shop a selection of products priced at $29 or less.


Adoption Agencies are Looking for Volunteers to Cuddle with Newborns

cuddle babies

Sign us up for this one!

Adoption agencies all across America are recruiting volunteers to cuddle and spend time with newborns.

ABC News reported that the agencies need temporary caregivers to nurture and care for newborn babies that are waiting to be adopted. Volunteers must be willing to cuddle, hug, and love the babies during their first few weeks of life.

The research is indisputable that body contact, warmth, love and affection are crucial for the first few days and weeks of a newborn’s life and development. One of the reasons of high infant mortality in developing nations is the lack of attention and body-to-body connection in understaffed and ill-equipped orphanages.

If you are interested in the job, search here for your local agency and see if there is a need you can fill.

Interim Care Provider, Lewis, relaxing with baby. #InterimCare

Posted by Spence-Chapin Services to Families and Children on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

h/t ABC

photo: Shutterstock